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How to better yourself


People often want to ‘better’ themselves. This can mean moving up a social class, getting a better job or just being able to look in the mirror in the morning and finding that they like the person looking back. Sometimes being ‘better’ is being more confident, better educated or having more money. We all strive to improve life, but we have to consider what is a fundamental improvement, like being better educated and what is just superficial and just makes us look good.

We do tend to feel more confident if we take some care of our appearance though and so even the superficial things are important in the whole scheme of things. I was going out one day and although no one was likely to see my car, I still cleaned it. If we are going out for a special evening and wearing our best clothes, we tend to wear clean underwear or even new underwear, no one sees it (usually); but we know it’s there!

Fundamental to our view of ourselves is the way we behave, then perhaps the way we look. Our behaviour is determined by our morality and personality. Most of us like to think we’re nice people and well-behaved, although there is a tendency these days for people to feel quite insulted if they are described as ‘nice’. Nice, isn’t always good enough for some people, they want hot and sexy!  For many people though, nice is acceptable.

You can improve your view of yourself by improving you education and keeping your mind active. This can also help you meet new people and be more sociable. Work also helps people be sociable, it can improve our view of ourselves if we are successful in our work. It is more rewarding to do something that you’re good at though, especially if your talents are recognised. Even unpaid voluntary work can be extremely rewarding if you’re good at it and you get recognition and the emotional rewards.

I wrote about improving your reputation on a zillion ideas today, reputation is important and if we can improve our behaviour, then that leads to a better reputation. We first have to take a look in the mirror and see if there have been  aspects of our behaviour in the past that we should change or avoid in the future.

Why not pop over to a zillion ideas and check that post out?

3 responses

  1. Everyday–at least for me–is another way to try and better myself ; little by little, I’m making the effort 😉

    27, August 2012 at 4:59 pm

    • Hi Jon,

      I believe in doing things little by little. One small step can be one giant leap. I keep improving my life in small steps, it never seems easy; but when I look back it seems worth it.

      Thanks for visiting

      27, August 2012 at 7:30 pm

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