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Neodigital Art | Landscapes


Regular readers will probably recognise this stretch of water, I have taken photographs of it lots of times. I’ve got a rotten cold and sore throat and so I didn’t want to go far on Sunday.  It looks like a huge lake, but isn’t really large enough to be called a lake. It looks bigger because I shot down the length of the lake and away from the sun. I had a blue sky and plenty of light, so quite a nice scene.


This is the same place but I have a tree in the foreground to provide depth and this was on a different day, there was more cloud. The light is different and reflected from the water differently.


This picture has a lot of depth as the canal goes away from us. I find this picture a little boring, maybe I have taken too many canal pictures?

I have done another Neodigital Art blog on a Zillion Ideas today, why not to check it out. The pictures on there are mainly of the River Tame. There are a few photography tips on that blog.


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