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How to write a novel | the ante climax

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If you’re following my story about Nick on his road trip. You will know that his parents died in a terrible road accident in California. He has meets Lily on his road trip and forms a love-hate relationship with her. We have to have an introduction of some kind, then the story moving towards a climax and finally the ending. The anti climax is a bit of excitement, before the climax of the story.

We build the story towards the anti climax and climax, keeping it interesting along the way. Most of the interest in this story will the the relationship between Nick and Lily which will provide the humour.

Lily’s car broke down and they have been forced together. Nick is driving Lily to Shropshire to meet her old friend from university, Victoria. That could be the climax! Victoria could be the person who makes the story really interesting or maybe her parents? I imagine Victoria to be typically English, living with her parents in a typical country home with a garden. Nick is a gardener and so maybe we can feature the garden in the story somehow. I’m inclined to something really unusual. Maybe Victoria and her parents could live in the gatehouse to a stately home or a park? Nick would be in his element then being something of an expert on gardens. I’m still writing this section of the story, but it has to lead somewhere and so we have to think ahead.

Nick and Lily continued their journey down the motorway. Cars were flashing by at high speed.

“Do you have any music, “ Lily suddenly asked.

“Take a look through the CD’s and choose something” Nick replied glancing over.

“How did you get into gardening, anyway?” Lily asked flicking through the collection of CD’s.

“I suppose it was my father, he was always a keen gardener and worked for the parks department.”

“Don’t you live in Birmingham,” Lily asked as she noticed a sign for Birmingham flash by.

“Yes, quite close to here, near the airport,”

“I want to see. I want to see!” Lily exclaimed excitedly.

“We won’t have time, we have to find your friend’s home.”

“C’mon, it will be cool, I want to see your home. If you put the hammer down, we can still make Shrewsbury by late afternoon.” Lily continued enthusiastically.

“Okay, but we can’t stay long,” Nick warned as he took the slip road to exit the motorway.

“Don’t sweat it, it’ll all be cool. Can we do something to eat? I’m starved?”

We have to make the story interesting and unpredictable and so a stop at Nick’s home will do that. There can be a minor conflict then, as Nick will want to continue the journey and Lily will want to stay overnight. There will also be unpleasant memories in the house for Nick to contend with. This is a good time to explore Nick and Lily’s respective personalities and concentrate on dialogue between them. I think Lily should be the one more keen on a relationship, at least deep down and become increasingly frustrated by Nick’s lack of interest in her. She would probably feel slightly insulted, if she was used to being the centre of attention and having all the guys chase her.

How would Nick respond to her coming on to him and maybe dressing provocatively? How would Nick respond to seeing her dressed in sexy pyjamas before bed? Would sharing a bottle of wine and watching television together make them more likely to cosy up? How would Nick respond to Lily lighting candles and switching out the lights for their evening meal?

There are a lot questions, where do you think the story should go from here? I think they should spend the night together, in separate bedrooms; we have to tease the reader a little. We do want the reader to read on and reach the ante climax and climax of the novel. Do you have any ideas for a big climax? Is Nick falling for Lily enough of a climax or do we need something a little more dramatic to make him realise how much he cares for her?

Please comment with your ideas, we will continue the story next week! There are more amazing blogs on a zillion ideas. Do pop over and read those!

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