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I popped down to Aldi last night. The Super Six this week are cucumbers, beetroot (500g), new potatoes (750g), tomatoes,  radish (200g) and avocados. They are all 39 pence. They have some special buys today, but I didn’t see anything very exciting. The petrol powered hedge trimmer might be worth it.  For computer and electrical goods check out Comet, they seem to have a few good offers now.

We have to shop around, but it is getting harder. Morrison’s and Tesco have offers on for money off petrol, but they have put the price up to fund those offers. The Morrison’s near me usually has queues. The queue has gone down, so they are selling less at the higher price. They are in competition with Esso, Total and a independent. They’re close to the motorway, but many drivers are stopping at the independent now because they are slightly cheaper.

It seems the economy is set to get worse with David Cameron’s latest plans to boost the building industry. We have tried a housing boom before, it isn’t sustainable. I did read that someone has paid  millions for a multi-story car park in London with the intention of turning it into luxury apartments for the super-rich. It seems there is a boom in luxury homes in London, they can’t get enough. Well they have to spend it somewhere. Many wealthy people coming in from overseas for the Olympics probably now want an apartment in London now. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the Olympics had been in a unemployment black spot, in the North East or South Wales, rather than in the already rich capital?

Government plans include lower pay for government employees in poorer towns and cities. People on housing benefit from next year will also have their benefit cut if they have a spare room! They can of course move somewhere, smaller… That’ll be a grotty flat that no one else wants.

I have been trying to work out the pension age for a  woman born in 1952 this morning. It used to be 60, but they changed it last year. The government website says, “For women born after 5 April 1950 but before 6 December 1953, their State Pension age is between 60 and 65.”  That didn’t really help. I can perhaps understand the retirement age being put up for healthy people, but why did they make it compulsory for people who are sick too. They are sending them for assessment for work with those parasites at Atos healthcare.

It would seem that in the UK, for the duration of this government, many people need to stay thrifty and shop around. Avoid the tricks that big business use to make you part with the little money you have. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses if your neighbours appear to have more money than you. Buy the essentials first, for many just lately that has been school uniforms. The kids will ask for smart phones for Christmas, but do they really need them? There are lots of laptops on offer now for less than the price of a smart phone and they can use those for homework and for updating their Facebook pages.

If you’re thrifty, you can save a little money and pay cash for things rather than entering into expensive contracts for mobile phones and buying on credit that involves paying interest on loans and credit cards. If you have debts, aim to be debt free.

I nearly forgot, I saw bed sets in Aldi. That is a 10.5 tog duvet and a pillow. I have forgotten how much, but I think they were 12.99. They are good for students starting at university next week. They did have those vacuum things in Aldi for storing clothes, I don’t think they have them anymore, but they are great for making clothes smaller to pack them for travelling. One of the international students that I chat to, is using one of those to pack her bags to travel to England next week. That’s a great idea.

Please comment, if you have seen any interesting bargains or have money saving tips. There are more amazing blogs on the home page.


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