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Weekend roundup

Pleck Park

This week has been interesting, with news that the building industry is supposed to get a boost from government. More interesting was news from the European Central Bank, that helped stock markets around the world to recover a little. The big news though, was the rain has stopped!

Investments | Safe havens? Was, as usual on a Friday, a blog about finance. I tried to cover the economic news of the week and speculate on it’s implications for the future.

Thrifty Thursday | Stay thrifty was my usual thrifty blog on a Thursday. It’s getting harder to find decent bargains, but I managed to mention the super six at Aldi. I forgot in that blog to mention the Castrol Magnatec oil at Halfords. The price has gone back up to 29.99; that offer didn’t last long! That is a problem with Halfords, they do have offers that last one day or for a short period. This applies to lots of stores and they cause traffic chaos at Bank Holidays with sales. That was a lost sale for Halfords because I didn’t manage to get there to buy some!

How to write a novel | Emotions was another blog in the popular series about writing a novel. Many people intend to write a novel, but never get around to it or don’t know where to start. I hope those blogs give you some idea. You can also follow how I am developing the  story of Nick and Lily’s love-hate relationship. I think it is about to become complicated when Lily’s friend, Victoria comes into the story to make Lily jealous. What do you think? Where should the story go from here?

Neodigital Art | Seasons and light was another blog in the ever popular series of blogs on art and photography. There wasn’t any new photographs this week because the weather has been so bad, but I managed to find a few older ones! I’m glad to say the sun is shining as I write this, but it’s still cool. I might get new photos this week, when I go for my usual Sunday outing.

Trust your instincts? was another popular blog about psychology? We often challenge our instincts. We feel nervous about walking through the woods alone, in case the big bad wolf has us for dinner, but we decide to risk it anyway.  When we challenge our instinct that tells us to stay safe and not to drive too fast or fly in a plane. Are we adventurous or just crazy?

The first Sunday ramble of September was another attempt at humour. I quite enjoy my irreverent look at life on a Sunday. I rushed to write my Sunday blogs last week because I thought the weather would improve and then it bloody rained. Better luck this week, I hope!

Finally, as a thrifty note to end on, Matalan sent me a new ‘Black Reward card’ and a card to get 10% off until October. That could be useful. I got that because I have spent £150 over the last 12 months with them. I was planning to go to Matalan at the same time as I went to Halfords. The oil isn’t on offer at Halfords now and I’ve just found out the umbrellas that were reduced to a quid each at Matalan have gone back to a fiver. It’s gone sunny and the rain has stopped, the sunglasses will be on offer again now! If you click the Matalan link it will take you to sale items.

There are more amazing blogs on the home page and on a zillion ideas.


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