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This week – the truth?

The Milky Pool Millfields

I have written a few blog this week both on this site and on a zillion ideas. The UK is still in recession, the government still insists on austerity and the rich get richer.  I write my ideas on how to cope with all the things that are happening. This week saw the ‘truth’ as the Sun saw it after the Hillsborough disaster. They backed the police, who blamed the fans, but now we get closer to the truth. Am I surprised that a police officer claims that she was coerced into changing her statement by an officer from the West Midlands? Perverting the course of justice isn’t new. News International publishing total crap isn’t new either.

Potatoes – frugal super-food was yesterday’s frugal blog and worth reading if you need to do some frugal meals based on this extremely versatile food.

The scandal of British poverty was Thursday’s blog and it is a scandal too, when people are enjoying champagne and strawberries in the south of Britain and life is so bad in other parts that are smoking dope to help them cope and borrowing money from legalised loan sharks. I was in town yesterday, the last time I went there, was to a market. The market is smaller now; they have a trendy pedestrianized precinct. I took someone to a medical drop-in centre. What moron decided to put it in a pedestrianized area with little parking? I looked around, there were few stalls, lots of charity shops and a pawn broker. 21st century Britain is great for the rich, but stinks for the ordinary honest people.

How to write novel | character development was another in my series of blogs about writing a novel. This week I was exploring a new character in my novel, Victoria, Lily’s friend from university. How will she get on with my protagonist Nick?

Neodigital Art | Step by step edit was another in my popular series on neodigital art and photography. This week I did an edit step by step and showed how subtle changes improved a photograph. I think I need to do more than subtle next time. Maybe radical changes to produce something artistic?

In search of –  Success was another psychology blog. We all want success, but what is success? Being rich? Being happy? Living a useful life? Achieving recognition? All these things? Read that post and judge for yourself.

Sunday Ramble | Fresher’s week was my Sunday ramble when I write about whatever is on my mind. I had students on my mind this week and so offered a little advice about writing essays and assignments. I think the student I mentioned in that  blog arrived in England yesterday.  She started travelling on Monday, with a bus to Beijing, then the flight from Beijing was about 7.30 yesterday morning, that was 00:30 UK time. She arrived in the UK, about 7.35 pm last night. That was about 19 hours travelling from Beijing with a 2 hour stop at Dubai. I should imagine she is still sleeping after that journey. I think the students had to buy bedding after that journey. I hope Asda was open and the bedding wasn’t out of stock!

I’ll be back tomorrow, with another Sunday ramble. In the meantime, do check out this weeks blogs and there are even more on a zillion ideas. Fancy being a writer? Have some ideas? You could write a guest blog! I need guest blogs for a zillion ideas! Just send it to me at the email address in the sidebar. Start with a paragraph that introduces your idea and then the body of the blog and finally a paragraph like this one that concludes the post. Blogs are usually between 500 and 1,000 words. This blog is read all over the world in about 80 different countries so try to think global! Please comment, if you have a question or something to say.

Finally, I get some information about what people search for. Someone has found my blog a couple of times by searching for information about Golcher’s drop forge. I don’t know what information they want, but my dad worked there. It was on the corner of Darlaston road and Bright Street near King’s Hill Park. In fact he used to go to the park to eat his lunch in summer. He also worked at Bescot drop forgings, The Deritend, Garringtons and Rubery Owen’s in Darlaston and Wednesbury.

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