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Sods law in a smaller world


Sod’s law is like Murphy’s law. If it can happen it will and at the most inconvenient time. I haven’t been sleeping so well for the past few days. I went to bed early last night, had a shower, watched TV, so I would wind down gradually and I would sleep. Did I sleep? Did I hell! The alarm clock was most unwelcome this morning. Now I’m tired and as Sod’s law would have it, I’m tired and have a tummy upset too.

I have a busy day and so it was bound to not go smoothly. I took today’s photograph in Walsall the other day. I didn’t feel too bad that day and took a few photographs. We take fruit and flowers from around the world for granted. I often eat grapes from Chile or India. The display in today’s photograph shows how lucky we are to have so much choice.

I’ve just been talking to an International student. She left Beijing on Thursday morning and began a journey here to the Black Country. The time zone differences meant that when she arrived at 7.40 in the evening,  she had been travelling for 18 or 19 hours. That is still amazingly fast compared to what it would have been when I was a student. As I write this, she is chatting using her computer and webcam to her dad back in China; that instant communication makes the world seem really small.

I shall meet her later and another student, which will be interesting after talking to her in China using the internet for the past year. The different cultures mean an adjustment for both of us. There is also a big age difference. The internet does break down barriers between cultures and age groups though and so it will be an interesting day.

That is my Sunday ramble for this week. It has to be short. A very large bird has left a mess on my car and so I would like to clean that off before I use it. That’s sod’s law too…

Please comment and share with your friends on Facebook. Facebook is another way people keep in touch and make friends. It’s a small world, getting smaller.

3 responses

  1. I knew that was Walsall. Can’t go ten yards without a charity shop or pound shop.

    16, September 2012 at 2:51 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      Yes, it was the pedestrian area. What a stupid place for a drop in centre for when people aren’t well. It’s better at then Manor though, didn’t have to wait long in A&E. The afternoon with students went quite well. They are partying tonight!

      16, September 2012 at 8:11 pm

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