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Neodigital Art | more editing


I took this photograph last Autumn and as you can see the sun was bright and reflected well off the Autumn colours. The picture looks dull though and so I can improve it a lot with editing. I used Windows Live Photo Gallery, it’s easy to use.


There are sliders to change different aspects of the picture. I first chose highlights and moved the slider all the way to the left. It doesn’t seem very different, but the picture has a little more definition.


I have added contrast to this picture. Now we can see a difference and the Autumn colours are more pronounced. It is a little too dark though and so it is easy to add brightness.


Now I have added some brightness it looks a lot better. It looks more like it did through the viewfinder, perhaps even better!

Greenish tint

I can now experiment a little and get more artistic! I have made the picture monochrome with a slight greenish tint. I used Smoothdraw 3 to do this and used the colorize option. That is very easy too. An option like this is often suitable for Victorian parks and old buildings.

I used Windows Live photo gallery to edit the photographs and Smoothdraw 3 (freeware) to edit the last one. I used Windows Live writer to write the blog, that also allowed me to size the photographs to exactly 585 pixels wide and add the copyright watermarks. Live writer also allows me to set the font and font size that I want easily.  This will be published today, but I could schedule it to publish tomorrow before I upload it to WordPress. If you have a comment or question, please use the comment box. There is another blog today about editing on a zillion ideas. Incidentally, the park is called King’s Hill park.


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