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The week in focus


My blogs with photos are always popular, but just lately it’s been almost impossible to take any new ones with the dark skies and rain we have been having. I took this photo on Sunday and it took a bit of editing to make it look worth using. The weather has turned cold and the usual winter illnesses seem to be beginning. It could be a good time to drink more vitamin C laden fruit juice.

There is more money, but are you getting your fair share? Was yesterday’s post. The governments around the world are quantitative easing their way out of trouble, but with all this new money being printed we are entitled to ask where it’s all going.

Thrifty student shopping for one was Thursday’s post and  might be helpful for anyone shopping for one person.  I still haven’t done my shopping. I fancy making chicken soup or even better a nourishing stew. I should mention that I said you can stir fry left over rice in that blog. It is better to cook just enough and so you don’t have any left over. It is quite common to get food poisoning from left over rice and never use left over rice from a takeaway where your can’t be sure of hygiene standards. Take care of storing home made soup too and other cooked foods. Keep in the fridge and use within a day or two at most. Put cooked food on the top shelf of the fridge and raw food lower down, preferably both in plastic containers.

How to write a novel | Imaginary Names was my blog on Wednesday and continued my search for ideas for my story about Nick and Lily. Do you have any ideas about how my story could develop? Fancy writing your own novel? You might get a few ideas from that post.

Neodigital Art | More editing was another post in the ever popular series and was about editing your photographs. You can even try to do something artistic.

On Monday, I had a day off. Did you miss me?

Sod’s law in a smaller world was about how the world is getting smaller with instant communication and jet travel. It was also about how Sod’s Law was messing up my Sunday plans. Things sort of worked out in the end, I coped and we went shopping.  I’m still not sleeping well. I keep waking up at 3am, but at least I’m getting back to sleep until 7, then wake again and sleep for a few minutes until the alarm goes off. That’s an improvement.

The  problem, when you’re tired is concentrating. I have continued to write a couple of blogs a day, with only Monday missing a blog. I still need guest writers for a zillion ideas and so if you’re an aspiring writer, you could get in touch. You never know where it could lead. I wrote guest blogs until I started this blog and even this was a dry run for a zillion ideas. You can also comment on this blog or any of my posts. I also need shares on Facebook.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with a ramble about whatever is on my mind.


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