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Are some of us evolving into a technocrat species?

Bridge across the Tame

It’s Autumn now in England and so the nights will get darker and longer. We are headed for winter, long cold nights, snow and other things to challenge us. I have written before about humans interbreeding with the Neanderthals to produce a long line of dreamless ones. The theory is, that humans were smart and smart enough to take to caves and other shelter and get a good night sleep. The dreamless ones had a couple of hours at most, didn’t get much sleep and had little or no time to dream; they were generally dreamless

We are going back at least 30,000 years when people hunted with rocks, spears and clubs. You can still see evidence of this today. The dreamless ones still have games to see who can throw the spear the farthest or who can run the fastest. They swim too, but have long forgotten that the purpose was to catch fish. The powerful in the tribe can do more or less what they want. Find an attractive mate, give her a smack with your club, then drag her into the nearest cave to mate. The strongest in the tribe would be worshiped by the rest of the tribe and they would adore them, waving leaves as they passed by.

One of the tribal leader types this week got a bit annoyed when the minions didn’t give him due respect in Downing Street this week. He was abusive to some of the warriors. It seems there was a mistake and a dreamless one was appointed to a position as  tribal leader. He’s said sorry now and admitted his dreamlessness.

The dreamless ones in positions of power attack the the weakest, this is called survival of the fittest. One such attack was thwarted this week. One of the dreamless ones planned to cut the incomes of the most vulnerable in society and his move was blocked. This is a phenomenon that is relatively new.  This could be a new species developing, a technocrat who will challenge the dreamless ones with their stupid genes. Yes, it was none other than Nick Clegg! Could he be one of the new breed of humans?

We have seen evidence of people trying to evolve to become technocrats, they have been going without food and defying their instincts to feed so that they can buy technology. While many tribal members still adorn their bodies with tribal markings, some are buying wide screen televisions, smart phones and laptops. Thankfully they aren’t mutilating their bodies so much by inserting metals into them; many are cashing in their gold to buy food and drugs.

I think this evolutionary process has been going on for a while. Have you noticed how we have stopped bashing women with clubs? The clubs are still around, but they are used to hit balls and play games now; mostly by the dreamless ones. The dreamless ones enjoy their games. They can kick a rock around a field trying to get it between two trees for over an hour. Other dreamless ones form crowds to watch them! World leaders gathered to watch this display using technology, don’t be fooled; one of them raised his hands in the air and cheered when the rock went between the trees. Yes, a world leader who showed the world that he was dreamless! It could be worse, Britain is only a small country; he could be running something important.

Anyway, now we have a little evidence that Nick Clegg isn’t a dreamless one and is lacking the Neanderthal genes, should we watch for other signs of technocratic thinking? Are more of these people who are evolving into a species that are abandoning tradition, putting away their clubs and treating women and other sub-species as equals? I have heard that some are even giving up meat and think animals have rights. I know, that’s going a bit far…

I’m having recurring dreams, they keep waking me up… There are more blogs this week on my newer site, a zillion ideas. Please comment, even if you’re dreamless; most people are… 

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  1. I still think we’re evolving into two species. You have the higher brainy elite, then you have Wolverhampton.

    24, September 2012 at 3:10 pm

    • Lol, I was in Wolverhampton last week. I think my Chinese student is out of place there. She went into Asda today and thought she had lost the £5 from her pocket. She told the lady she had lost money and they gave her 20 quid! lol. She later found the fiver… 🙂

      24, September 2012 at 9:03 pm

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