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Hunting for bargains


I have been to Aldi again this week. The ‘Super Six’ this week are broccoli, carrots (1 Kg), iceberg lettuce, celery, onions and savoy cabbage. I’ve made soup twice this week and so the onions, carrots and celery came in very useful. It’s colder in England now and the delicious aroma of home made soup in the kitchen is one of the pleasures of Autumn and Winter.

I have used chicken stock and fish stock as a base for warming soups this week. Then you just chop whatever vegetables you have into the stock, add herbs like fresh basil, herbs de Provence and seasoning. What could be easier?

You have to be quick to get today’s offers at Aldi, but they include lights for bikes and I had the pork loin steaks for 3.99 a kilo; that is a really good price.

I have been using the shampoo from Aldi, which does the job, but I’m particularly pleased with the shower gel. Lacura is a name to watch out for and some of the other products are good too. The anti-aging cream is good so I’m told and watch out for miracle hair oil too. My sister was a championship hair stylist and so those tips should be good!

I just spotted this on my Facebook feed: Buy a copy of the Daily Mirror or Daily Record today for a voucher for £5 off a £35+ spend at Aldi – valid until 4th October.

My other tip today, is for those of you who don’t have an Aldi near by and want cleansers and that sort of thing. Look in the aisle in your supermarket where all the baby stuff is, those products tend to be cheaper and milder on the skin.

They have lots of bargains in Poundland. I wanted some plastic containers for storing food and they have 8 for a pound. They have lots of stuff for students too, but the ones I know want cheap food. The milk is 2 litres for a pound, which I think is good (I can’t stand the stuff!)  Snacks are good for students and can be expensive. Who wants to cook, when you’re studying? They have coffee (Maxwell House) for a pound too, I’ve had that and it’s good. I think Poundland is great for stationary too. You can get your notebooks, pens and just about everything you need. Be careful though, those pounds mount up by the time you get to the checkout!

There are lots of other sales on now, mostly for non essentials like cameras and electronics. You can also watch out for stuff for Halloween and even start buying your Christmas presents early when you see a bargain. Memory sticks and memory cards  are on special offer at lots of places now. If you’re a student consider a flash drive for backing up all your documents and other work. You can carry all your data around with you, just in case your hard drive dies.

If you have seen a good bargain or know a great shop, whether here in the UK or some other part of the world. Let us know! People around the world read this blog and so someone might find your thrifty tip useful. Please share with your friends too on Facebook.

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