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A week of photos and Farmville

Woden Road S. Wednesbury

It stopped raining this week and so I actually managed to get out and take a few photographs. Things look a little different when the sun shines and I do pick my shots when I take photos. The ducks in this photo give the picture a little depth. I also played FarmVille…

I think I enjoyed the photography more than the Farmville. The game is truly pathetic now. I’m on level  1133 and have over a billion coins, but everyone is playing a different game now. I do 4 farms and I think there are another 4 that I could do. That is bloody ridiculous! Then there is FarmVille II. No I’m not playing that… I wrote some blogs too…

Is it time to stop listening to economists? was yesterdays post. I think we should stop listening to most experts. I think all experts should be given some tasks like changing the oil on a car, putting a shelf up and looking after a child for a day. I think few experts would pass all three tasks. What do you think?

Hunting for bargains was  Thursday’s thrifty blog. We all have to shop around and try to save a few quid. Every little helps. I actually went in Tesco this week. The price of some things isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t buy a sandwich from there, the shoes and clothes were poor quality, but they have Christmas cards! I can’t afford the postage this year. 50p for a second class stamp. I shall say Merry Christmas on here! To everyone! You could use Facebook too!

How to write a novel and make it plausible was my blog on Wednesday. I must make an effort and get on with writing my short novella. I need some funny lines of dialogue. Any ideas?

Neodigital Art | Changing seasons was my blog about art and photography on Tuesday as usual. I was a bit desperate for new pictures and so used some from last year; including a nice one of when we had really deep snow a couple of years ago. If you download that, add the words Merry Christmas (Use Paint) and upload it to Facebook, that will be your Christmas greetings for this year. That will save you a fortune in cards and 50p stamps.

I had that Monday morning feeling again and so had a day off…

Are some of us evolving into a technocrat species? was my Sunday post when I wrote about the dreamless ones,  who you may remember from previous blogs are the stupid people. 

I also did some blogs over on a zillion ideas. I also wrote 5 for a zillion ideas and there was also a guest blog. A student told me she has to write a dissertation of 10,000 words by December, at least it’s all on the same subject. My 6,000 words this week was on 6 different subjects! Please comment, if you have enjoyed any of these blogs and share on Facebook. I need readers!


5 responses

  1. Maybe it really is the sun, but that is a beautiful photo! The colors are dramatic and clean. The reflection so nice! Here’s to more sunshine! Cheers!

    30, September 2012 at 1:51 am

    • Hi Debra,

      That was a great photo. A student who I had taken there said it didn’t look so good in real life! It doesn’t look so good when the clouds are black and the light is poor! I like to take photographs today, Sunday. It is raining of course and the heavy rain is forecast for later! It has made it warmer and so I shall have to be content with saving money on my heating bill. Maybe, I can do indoor photography…

      Thanks for dropping by. This post was popular, maybe because I have come up with an idea that means I don’t have to write anything one day each week!

      30, September 2012 at 8:42 am

  2. thanks… 🙂

    5, October 2012 at 12:44 pm

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