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Protests in the Black Country

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There were protests by the English Defence League (EDL) yesterday in Walsall town centre. It appears the police made 28 arrests for violent disorder. People were concerned about this protest and so 600 police were drafted in. It all costs money to police a protest that frightened would be shoppers on a Saturday and wasted money, when money is tight.

It looked to many people like a bunch of thugs ranting racist slogans. It is people’s right to protest, but most law abiding people organise a petition to parliament or some other peaceful means. Only thugs scare little old ladies doing their shopping.

There was a counter protest supported by local politicians, that wouldn’t make things any better. That just made another part of the town a no-go area. I advised one of my friends to stay out of Walsall and I assume many more did the same.

Incidentally, I took photos in Palfrey Park last summer, no I didn’t get attacked, mugged or anything. I’m not too paranoid though. I don’t discriminate, I don’t trust anybody!

Our need to survive as individuals make us try to fit in and get along with each other. Some younger people prefer to stand out, they need to be noticed by the opposite sex. This is the reason young people are more fashionable; the girls wear short skirts, dye their hair weird colours and wear eyelashes an inch long. The guys produce testosterone and act macho, have tattoos and generally compete for the attention of the ladies. This is primitive behaviour and clashes with the desire to appear human. It seems strange to me to see some guy with a shaved head and tattoos with a phone that is smarter than he is…

Have you noticed how the people who want to be confrontational, rather than trying to get on with other people are the ones who drink too much alcohol? They know they will get a hangover the next day, but ignore that and drink too much anyway. It can’t be nice getting arrested and spending time in the cells, but they don’t seem to care. There must be some kind of reward for all this primitive behaviour, maybe their mates all buy them a drink when it’s all over and they get to experience yet another hangover?

What gets me is the bloody sun was shining, it’s forecast heavy rain today because I want to go out and take a few photographs. It’s cold, but without the cloud and rain, I suspect it would be even colder and so we could be saving a little on our heating bills.

I was using Twitter yesterday and I think I might use it more in future to publicise my blogs. Lots of people were tweeting yesterday and it seemed a good way to keep up with local events. Social media and blogging are very fashionable now. If you want  to sell cameras; what better way than to advertise on a photography blog? I think blogs will carry more advertising that is linked to categories and tags in the future. I have lots of free space on a zillion ideas for advertising, but I want it to be targeted and fit in with the look of the blog. I think the adverts could change with time zones and countries too. I also think lots of blogs are set to disappear in the next few years. That happens in most things, only the best survive. I suppose survival of the fittest is part of nature. It can be survival of the smartest though or the least threatening. We all have to try to get on and create peaceful communities. There is a blogging community that is international. There is a sort of local blogging community where I live and I’m getting to know local bloggers. They are probably writing about the same stuff as me this morning. I’m sort of torn between trying to fit in and trying to stand out. I try to fit in and get on with people most of the time, but I need to stand out so people will read my blogs!

There are more amazing blogs on the home page. What do you think? Please comment.

2 responses

  1. There is no political agenda with the EDL. It’s just the thugs latest outlet. Like soccer hooliganism was years ago.

    30, September 2012 at 1:49 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I think that is true, based on yesterday’s behaviour. People always seem to pick on anyone who is different. They attracted some attention, I think that was the whole idea. Kids have tantrums! It was primitive behaviour anyway.

      30, September 2012 at 4:14 pm

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