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Neodigital Art | Getting a good shot

Canal Bridge, Wednesbury

Neodigital Art is about creating art with digital devices, that might be a camera, scanner, cell phone or a graphics tablet. This gives you a lot of versatility and you can use different software to create different effects. The artists of the 19th century used brush and canvas, we have technology.

In the photograph above I tried to get some depth to my picture and have the path going away from us. It goes narrower and that gives an impression of even more depth. I also look for patterns and the pattern of the bricks on the wall adds to the picture. Reflections on water also make the picture more interesting and then when you consider the picture as a whole it looks like an interesting place. When I first photographed this someone on Facebook asked where it was, he wanted to see for himself.

Hickman Park Bilston

In this photo I have a shelter as the subject and there are lots of patterns, on the shelter, on the railings and the stone wall. I didn’t like the original picture, the pond in the foreground had a lot of debris on the surface and it was the focus of the picture. I simply cropped a lot of the pond off and made the shelter the focus of the picture.

Sunshine 030

I took this picture in July, we had a little sunshine. The wall gives the picture depth, but the canal going away from us and the field help too. The trees and grass look quite lush after the rain and the darker greens absorb more light.

Sunshine 030

This is the same picture. I cropped a lot of the sky off and made it a little lighter. What do you think, is it better with less sky? I was intrigued by the building and when I was taking the shot, I tried to get that central to the picture. The eyes tend to be drawn to whatever is in the centre of the picture. I also have the horizon more or less central too, I think that makes a picture look balanced. Maybe the crop was a bad idea, but I think you can see what I mean.

There are more blogs on a zillion ideas and on the home page. Please comment. What do you think?

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