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Thrifty shopping to save money

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This week’s Super-Six  at Aldi are oranges (6), apples (6), pineapple, plums (500g), conference pears (6) and kiwis (8), all at 69p each. They have lots of special buys for today and Sunday too. We have to shop around and try to save a few quid.

They have lots of things for kids in stock for Halloween. You can also make your own. Try cutting bats out of cardboard and then paint them black. You can hang those around the house for a spooky Halloween atmosphere. You can get black emulsion at places like Homebase (black magic). It’s handy for painting something like a door panel for use as a blackboard. That could be handy to keep the kids amused and stop them writing on the walls.

You can save a lot of money shopping around. I had the Aldi super-six last week and still have onions, carrots and celery left. There is nothing like the smell of home-made soup or stew cooking in Autumn. I’m making a beef stew today, with minced beef, the vegetables and fresh basil. I’ll do the recipe for that, if it tastes as good as it smells, in another blog.

You can also get your freebies if you look for them. I’m planning on going to a local art gallery to see an exhibition, it’s free and I save on my heating bill while I’m there! They open on a Sunday now so I’ll get less traffic and be able to park easier then. Check out your local gallery online, they’re bound to have a website.

Like most people now I follow some local news using Twitter. I use Google Chrome for my browser and there are apps to be had for free at the Chrome Web Store. I use Tweetdeck for Chrome and have a number of columns so I can watch for tweets that contain keywords that interest me, like thrifty! If you use an application for Chrome that you think is really good, let me know by using the comment box.

If you are looking for meal ideas for autumn, try filling your oven with  potatoes then cook veggies and sausages. Serve the baked potatoes, cut open with a sausage in the middle and some autumn veggies. That is delicious and is a frugal autumn meal.

Toffee apples used to be an autumn treat, but it’s a bad year for apples in England. Aldi do have granny smiths as part of their super-six, I wonder where they’re from?

Now is a good time to think about Christmas. I have seen Christmas cards cheap in a couple of shops. Take a look for cards and gift wrapping paper in Poundland. We all like to buy nice gifts but be thrifty, start now and look for the bargains.

One of my friends is interested in buying a camera as a gift soon. I saw one on Amazon half price. Why? The colour of the casing! The black one was 99.99 but the shocking pink one was half price, it’s worth searching for special offers on websites like Amazon.

We all get unexpected expenses and bills and so you might like my blog today on a zillion ideas. Tales of the unexpected was about those nasty surprises and how to cope with them.


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