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Another week closer to Christmas

The Milky Pool in May

I took this photo in May, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? At the time of writing I can see blue sky and sunshine, we didn’t see much of that through the summer and now Autumn is flying by. It will soon be Christmas and we have to prepare, save up for some stamps to post our Christmas cards!

I know, fifty pence for a 2nd class stamp! If I had told someone it would cost ten shillings for a second class  stamp when I was a kid, they would have thought I was mad. The penny black was one of the first stamps when there was 240 pence to a pound and that was expensive. In those days they transported mail using horses and coaches. It was all sorted by hand. Now we have mechanisation, it costs one hundred and twenty times as much. We went wrong somewhere…

How to preserve the wealth you have was my finance Friday blog. A good tip for preserving wealth is to put Merry Christmas on Facebook, then you don’t have to send bloody cards at ten bob a throw…

Thrifty shopping to save money was my thrifty Thursday blog. I suppose you could deliver some cards by hand and you could get a pack cheap out of Poundland…

How to write a novel: Narration and dialogue was my usual Wednesday blog about writing a novel. This week Nick and Lily’s story continued. I still need suggestions for what happens next in my story. Comments are welcome; I need humorous dialogue too.

Neodigital Art | Getting a good shot was another blog about using you digital devices to create art. Well Damien Hirst used a chainsaw to cut a cow in half and called it art. I use a camera, scanner, graphics tablet and a computer. I don’t own a bloody chainsaw. I did see some cheap in Aldi though. I could get one…

How understanding psychology can improve your life was another Monday psychology blog. Understanding ourselves and others can be really useful. 

Protests in the Black Country was my usual Sunday ramble, inspired by protests by the English Defence League in Walsall last Saturday. I’m glad there are no protests this week, I am thinking of going to Walsall Art gallery to see the Damien Hirst exhibition. I wonder if I will be able to photograph the sheep suspended in formaldehyde? Just a thought…

More amazing ideas to think about was today’s review of the weeks blogs on a zillion ideas. Why not check that out?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blogs and will share with your Facebook friends, I always need more readers. If you would like to have a go at writing a guest blog or submitting a photograph, please get in touch. There is an email address in the side bar > >

I shall do another Sunday ramble tomorrow and hopefully manage to take more photographs if the sunshine stays for a while!


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