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Can the Black Country afford culture?

Walsall Art Gallery

I went into Walsall a couple of weeks ago, before those protests by the EDL. There was a lot of charity shops around by the market. There was a pawn broker too and I’m told there are pay-day loan parasites too. Young people are struggling to find work and so can the art gallery afford to spend a quarter of a million trying to attract the Turner prize?

They have a Damien Hirst exhibition called the Artist Rooms on now until the  27th of October. I might go and take a look later. The New Art Gallery, Walsall is one of those waterfront iconic buildings. Not as iconic as The Public in West Bromwich of course. That is really iconic, it’s pink. I was going to go there, but I drove around there and had to get my map out, to try to figure out where I was. It seems the car park was closed. No one likes bloody West Bromwich with it’s stupid traffic calming all down the High Street. It was better years ago, but then many things were.

I like the technology that we have now, but people seemed to have more common-sense in the old days of ten shilling notes and half crowns. It costs ten bob now to buy a second class stamp.

Time for a stupid video:

That could be the anthem for the Conservatives and their plan A for the economy. If I bought apples from your apple tree every year and you bought pears from my pear tree every year, with the money you made. Then I decided not to buy your apples and you couldn’t buy my pears. Wouldn’t we both be worse off?

Economics is so complicated. The apple harvest was terrible this year too.

I usually write this blog while Sunday lunch is cooking. I need to hurry up or start cooking.

Antony N Britt, who calls himself Nick and writes his weekly Sunday Roast blog; needs a job.  He lives in Walsall and so one in Walsall would be convenient. He might consider one paying 100K a year anywhere where the sun shines all year around. I read a job advert from a well-known company last week that said applicants need to be able to deal with ‘high rate’ customers. That company needs a writer and Nick could do that without getting too irate. He also has experience as a carer. So if you have a job going in Walsall, let Nick know.

On the same subject, I also have a graduate needing a job in Wolverhampton. He has many years experience in management, but doesn’t really need a management job, he will consider anything where the boss isn’t a complete tosser.

Still in Wolverhampton, if you have a part-time job suitable for a young International student, perhaps on a weekend, please get in touch (email address in the sidebar). She is studying business and English and speaks fluent Chinese. Unfortunately, she doesn’t speak fluent English, but nobody’s perfect.

My blog’s turning into Jobcentreplus, except I might just find someone a job! I read this week that Atos Healthcare are going to reap a good profit from their government contract. There is something wrong with all this privatisation and private finance. It will be something like 30 years before the Manor hospital is paid for. If we were going to buy stuff on the never-never then it should be civic centres and iconic art galleries; not hospitals.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I have a sheep hanging in formaldehyde to see. There is another Sunday ramble to read on a zillion ideas, pop over and read that.


5 responses

  1. Bloody hell, Mike … cheers for that. I’ve been ill, run down and all sorts but that’s lifted me. 🙂

    As for the Art Gallery. Not sure about this Turner Prize. The council say it will draw millions in visitors but with my sparring with said council, I’m hardly likely to believe them. I do like the inside of Walsall Gallery (it’s horrible from outside) and love the Garman/Ryan coll;ection. As for the temporary exhibitions …hmmmm. Matter of taste, I suppose.


    7, October 2012 at 8:40 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      They have some good pictures, I didn’t much like Damien Hirst’s and the sheep was a publicity stunt like the half a dead cow. I was pleasantly surprised at some exhibits though. The gallery is good, but a bit like a maze. It got me out of the house, I think I’m getting reclusive; but have you seen the price of petrol! I went down Sandwell Valley too, photographed a live sheep!

      You could do worse than get a job as a writer. Walsall Council could do with someone to make sense of the crap they send out. We need more acronym-free crap from out councils. Good luck getting a job anyway…

      7, October 2012 at 8:54 pm

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