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Walsall Art Gallery - view

I went to Walsall new art gallery this week, searching for inspiration. That dead sheep encased in formaldehyde was the main exhibit in the Damien Hirst exhibition. There was some works from more conventional artists too.

Walsall canal wharf

The gallery is on the canal wharf and a popular place to sit and watch people go past. There are benches outside Costa coffee and there is a waterfront bar.

Walsall Art gallery - foyer

The gallery was quite busy for a Sunday afternoon. There were art activities for the children. Inspired I set out to create my own art with my camera!

Newton Road Bridge

What do you think? Should this be hanging in a gallery? I took a few photos of the river and then on to a farm. No, I wasn’t going to soak a sheep in formaldehyde…

Forge Mill Farm Shop

This was a watermill but now it’s Forge Mill Farm shop. Water still flow through but the water wheel is long gone.

River Tame Sandwell Valley

This is the River Tame in Sandwell Valley near the farm, where it flows past Forge Mill lake. I don’t think this picture will end up in an art gallery either, but I like it!

I did another blog on a zillion ideas today with more pictures from inside the art gallery including a shot of Damien Hirst’s butterflies picture.


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, I think all of your photos belong in a gallery and I’m glad your photos aren’t of pickled sheep. That gallery is interesting with the same wood on the floors as the walls. How wonderful to see it so full of people!

    Wasall looks like a lovely town with the canal wharf. I like the Forge Mill too!

    9, October 2012 at 12:06 pm

    • I shall get my exhibition one day! Thy prefer people from outside the area at the moment. Walsall is a mixture of things. That wharf will be nice when it’s finished. There are to many symbols of poverty. Charity shops, pay-day loans lenders and pawn brokers seem to be everywhere. Poundland where everything is a pound was busy around the corner! I noticed the people in Costa coffee (expensive like Starbucks) contrasted with the poor people in Poundland. One photo I didn’t use was of a family with a child in a wheelchair contrasting with two people in expensive sports cars. Forge Mill and Sandwell Valley is great, but half of that is taken up with members only golf and cricket clubs. New housing is invading the nature reserves too.

      Thank for visiting. If I have a première at an art exhibition, you’ll be invited. I’ll make it a Facebook event – very tech!

      9, October 2012 at 1:19 pm

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