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The Aldi Super-six this week are pineapples, conference pears (6), Kiwis (8), granny smiths (6), oranges (6) and plums (500 grams) all at 69p each.  There are special buys today and on Sunday too. I think I’ll look at the appliance bulbs, the one in my fridge needs replacing. Other bargains this week include those at Matalan, they have some half price offers. I went on Sunday, there was a long queue at the checkout and the car park was packed.

I want this teapot at Matalan; I might try again this week. They did have black umbrellas in the sale, not sure if they still do, but we could all do with one of those!

There was no sign of economic policy from any of the main political parties at their conferences, that was likely to sort out the country’s economic problems. It would probably take an international agreement and maybe even some leadership now. This country is being run by public schoolboys barely out of short trousers, so we just have to do our best, until the grown ups take over.

I’m glad to say that some shares are doing a little better on the stock market this week. The banks that were bailed out, reported some good news and the RBS sell off of Direct Line appears to be on track, boosting their share price. There is a glimmer of hope! I have  little money in those shares and Zopa seems to be going from strength to strength. I have a few late payers on Zopa, but I allowed for bad debts and don’t have any, so that investment appears to be doing well. My interest rates after fees are better than the bank:

in the last week is 5.40%
in the last month is 5.92%
since you joined is 6.72%

Those figures are from my weekly email. I could do better. The gross interest rate for the longer C market is over 10%, but I tend to lend mostly to the A*, A and B markets that are less risky and pay lower rates.

A lot of price comparison websites are encouraging people to switch their energy suppliers now. They would wouldn’t they? When your contract ends, try phoning your current supplier and haggling for a better tariff. I did that, got a better tariff and now I’m well in front and had 18 pounds a month knocked off my direct debit.

I did some shopping around for university courses yesterday (no, not for me), the fees can vary and so can the entry requirements; I have only covered the top universities so far too. It is worth shopping around for everything and don’t believe  what suppliers or websites tell you. Well you can believe this one, I don’t get paid to send you in the wrong direction.

Don’t forget to look for freebies this month. Some Halloween events for children are free. Watch out for free Guy Fawkes night events too. I’ve looked at some events and they want a fiver each to go to a Guy Fawkes night. One museum wants about 15 pounds to go in and are making people redundant because of bad weather. If the weather is bad; cut prices. That makes sense for any open air attraction, give discounts when it rains or when it’s cold!

I did another blog on a zillion ideas today. A lot of people can’t cook and so I did some cooking ideas suitable for people living alone and students cooking for the first time. Beans on toast anyone?


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