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What I’ve learned about blogging

Forge Mill Farm Shop Sandwell Valley

I’ve been blogging on WordPress for over 2 years now. Many people blog about their lives, some bloggers have a genre. I write about anything and everything. I do have certain subjects for certain days though. On a Sunday, I just ramble on and don’t bother with research; that makes these blogs the most popular!

I have learnt that my photography is important. Before I started this morning, I found this photo of Forge Mill Farm in Sandwell Valley and converted it to monochrome for this blog. I went there last weekend after my visit to Walsall New Art gallery to see the pickled sheep.

One of my main mistakes with this blog was the font sizes, at the beginning I used the default that is too small for many people to read. Now I am using Calibri and it’s set to large. I also used ‘pages’ for blogs, on my newer website they are just for contact, about me and the terms and conditions of the site. Once you’re made a mistake, it’s very hard to go back and fix it. I’ve also learnt to write blogs every day. I can write blogs quite quickly now and so the practice does help.

My other tip for would be bloggers, is to be brave. Don’t be afraid to write about the stuff that you’re passionate about. If you find it fascinating, then your enthusiasm will come across in your writing.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Get to know your readers! Admit your mistakes! Geez, this is boring… Lets have a video…

Humour is really hard to write. You can easily offend someone. I hope that video is going to work, I never know when I have just posted some code in Live Writer. You can be topical and mention stuff in the news, but be careful, someone might take it personally and sue you.

You need to tell your readers a little about yourself, not too much; there are things they don’t need to know. I use my photographs to tell readers where I live and a little about what I do. I do have rules about what goes into my blogs and what gets left out. I don’t mind telling you that I’m drinking tea and eating biscuits as I write this. The sun’s shining and I’m thinking of going out again today. My friend wants me to drive to Wolverhampton, but I’m not really in the mood for anything masochistic; I went to Walsall last week.

I could mention something topical. The news was all about perverted behaviour at the BBC this week. Nothing new there then…

I think the BBC is nearly as bad as channel four now, except on channel four being gay is compulsory.

In other news, all our gas and electric bills seem set to go up again soon. It’s our own fault, we should insulate and save energy. I wish I still had open fire grates, instead of recycling stuff I could burn it to keep warm. I think we could go back to burning our old shoes to keep warm like we did years ago.

An oil painting by the German artist Gerhard Richter has sold for £21m  – an auction record for a work by a living artist. The painting was owned by Eric Clapton. Damien Hirst will be copying that ‘calculated chaos’ style if they sell for that much. I think that painting is rubbish, but I wasn’t impressed by the pickled sheep at Walsall art gallery last week either. That painting has probably been bought with taxpayer’s money for an art gallery.

I shall get an exhibition for my pictures one day. I have one displayed in the Manor Hospital, I’ve made a start…

I might buy a teapot this afternoon. I went to Matalan last week to buy one, but there was a long queue at the checkout. They were probably all buying half-price teapots. A student in China has sent me green tea and jasmine tea and I want make it properly and so I need a teapot.

I’m trying to remember the last time that I drove to Wolverhampton, I think it was two weeks ago. That was the last time I put petrol in my car. Well, I wouldn’t like to run out in Wolverhampton… That shows how expensive petrol has become, when we can’t remember the last time we bought any.

It’s so easy to spend money these days. If I had to hand over real cash rather than using a plastic card and PIN number, I think I would have difficulty parting with it. I think people who have credit cards and use them a lot, don’t really see it as spending real money. The same goes for local councils and the government.  I’m not going to start on about the government, this lot are just a load of overgrown public schoolboys. Wait until the grownups take over…

That’s it for this week, over 800 words, possibly the longest blog I’ve written on WordPress. This will be blog number 536… There are even more on a zillion ideas!

3 responses

  1. I reckon if I worried about offending people, I’d never write anything. Back in my old Myspace days, somebody deleted me because I said the film, The Golden Compass, was rubbish.

    14, October 2012 at 8:49 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      Sorry I missed this comment last week! It has been a weird week though. I went down the Birmingham road after going to Walsall Art gallery. The speed limit drops to 30 just before that fly over apparently. Yes, I sailed past the bloody speed camera at 40. The sign saying 30 couldn’t be smaller, you can’t see it anyway on the outside lane.

      Never heard of the Golden Compass; it was probably rubbish anyway…

      20, October 2012 at 11:52 am

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