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Neodigital Art | changing colours


At this time of year I like to record the changing colours as the seasons change. We’re are month into Autumn in England and so I expect all the colours of nature to change as winter approaches. You can see the colours better, when we have better light. In this picture you can see the first signs of winter colours.


The foliage at the side of the river has grown a lot since the last time I went there. The river has been flooded and so that would encourage growth. The sun came out, but kept going behind a black cloud as I walked along the river on Sunday.


This shot is similar to ones I’ve done before, but it’s still worth going back and trying for a better shot. I simply, leaned over the fence and tried to get more depth to the shot by including more of the fence and a tree in the foreground while trying to get the river going away into the distance.


You might think these photos are taken in the heart of the English countryside. Someone said this didn’t look the same in real life as in the photos! The sun wasn’t shining that day and you do have to look to see the beauty of these places. Sometimes, I capture something that only lasts for a moment when the sun comes out. I picked up my camera to go to the lake and saw this scene, so I took the photo!


I photographed this bridge again because the sun was shining. I wanted to get more of the fence on, but I also got some light hitting the lens on the left of the picture. I think that adds a little to the picture though. You can see signs in this picture of the flooding that took place recently.

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