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Hunting for thrifty bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are carrots (1Kg), sweetheart cabbage, new potatoes (750g), parsnips (500g), cucumber and mild onions (3) all at 39p. I nearly had some of those, but decided on a stew pack for 1.39 because I wanted a swede!

They are doing larger 1.5 Kg pack of chicken thighs and drumsticks for 2.49. I can make a chicken stew with those ingredients and some fresh basil. We need to shop around for everything, because the economy doesn’t seem to be getting much better. 

Most of the energy companies are putting up prices and so consider switching to another supplier, especially if you have never switched before. My energy account with Scottish power is in credit by hundreds of pounds, because I called them when my contract was running out and asked if they had a cheaper tariff. They did! How about that? If you’re on the standard tariff they can usually switch you to a cheaper one. My direct debit was reduced by 28 pounds a  month when I got in front with my payments.

It seems a lot of people like a ‘free’ mobile phone with a contract. Nothing is free and it makes sense to buy a mobile and then go to a cheap provider like GiffGaff. Their £10 a month goody bag looks a good deal to me if you have a smart phone. I’ll stick with my pay as you go, I spend less than £10 a year! You can also make a fiver a time referring others to GiffGaff.  I could do that, if I had a smart phone…

If you have any spare cash, you could consider spending it insulating your home. Loft insulation will pay for itself and so will draught proofing. I’m sitting in the kitchen and my living room is cold because of internal draught proofing. I have just turned on the radiators, because I’m expecting visitors, but I didn’t heat it earlier when it wasn’t being used. Why would I?

Always look for deals with online retailers. I just looked at a camera on Amazon and it’s much cheaper than my local Curry’s. It’s still too much for me and I read the reviews. Some people reviewing it thought the lens wasn’t very good. I’ll stick with the one I’ve got for a while longer. If you wait, you can usually get a bargain!

There isn’t a lot in the sale at Matalan, but it’s always worth looking to see what they have in store. They do have a lot of 3 for 2 offers. I’m not sure who would want 3 teapots, but the rest of the tableware might be worth looking at.

There are more amazing blogs on a zillion ideas.


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  1. Daughter and me are on Giff Gaff now, free calls and texts to each other and £5 goody bag a month for anything else, or use land line. Don’t need web on it. Bargain.

    19, October 2012 at 1:26 am

    • Hi Carol,

      That’s very thrifty when you get free calls and if you introduce someone, you get those points worth £5 too!

      Thanks for visiting.

      19, October 2012 at 8:53 am

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