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Autumn sunshine this weekend?

River Tame

After a miserable summer, Autumn in England is more of the same; more rain. We had sunshine in October last year, I took this photograph. It was like summer, I had a salad for dinner! We could have sunshine this weekend! Next week, it will be half-term for the kids and they can enjoy a week off and I won’t have to worry about the school run to the local schools twice a day. I think all kids that walk to school should get a free school lunch; whether they want one or not!

This week I wrote a few blogs on a variety of subjects:

Saving money this Autumn and Winter was yesterday’s frugal Friday blog about saving money. With more rises in energy bills we all need to save a few quid.

Hunting for thrifty bargains was Thursday’s thrifty post. Aldi are opening to 9 pm now to cope with demand and they always open more tills when there is a queue as well. You’re never waiting long and the check out girls ask how you are. No they don’t say ‘have a nice day’; thank God.

How to write a novel | Comedy dialogue was another instalment in my popular series on how to write a novel. Lots of people are having a go now and even publishing their own novels on websites like

Neodigital Art | Changing colours was Tuesday’s usual art and photography blog. We are well into Autumn now and the colours of nature are beginning to change.

Cross culture inspiration and innovation was Mondays blog  about the way things can go from one culture to another. In Britain we have lots of Indian and Chinese restaurants for example. The sub-culture that goes to Wimbledon each year, eats strawberries, often washed down with champagne; that hasn’t caught on yet…

What I’ve learned about blogging was my Sunday ramble last week. That was popular, especially with bloggers. If you need a laugh, that is worth looking at, it even has a video!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble. I’ll try to get into a humorous mood to write that. Meanwhile, there are even more blogs over on a zillion ideas. Please comment if you have a question or a suggestion…

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