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Do not do it yourself!

The Milky Pool

Do you do your own decorating and gardening? It would be better if you didn’t  Let’s face it, a professional decorator would do a better job of your decorating. A professional gardener would make a better job of your lawn and borders. We can’t afford them though, can we? There are other things we can’t afford like a babysitter, a handyman and some people can’t even afford a window cleaner.

There are people who can afford these services, but are too bloody mean to part with the money. They need a bit of an incentive. Maybe, if these services were tax-deductible, it would help? The local colleges could do more courses to train people to offer these services and even the parks department could get involved in training professional gardeners. Social services could get involved in training child minders and baby sitters.

I know it’s a great idea for creating jobs, but it would never work, it requires political will and some competence on the part of local councils.


Ofgem have proposed new reforms for the energy market in the UK.

Ofgem’s chief executive Alistair Buchanan said: “Our plans will put an end to consumers being confused by complex tariffs and will usher in a simpler, clearer, fairer and more competitive energy market for all consumers. We have spoken to thousands of consumers who have helped us shape this package through a period of extensive consumer research, and are very grateful for their input.”

So it was us consumers that made them do something. The cynic in me thought it might be to save David Cameron further embarrassment after he said the government might do something. I know what will happen, consumers paying the standard tariff will pay less and people like me on the cheapest tariff will pay more.

Road accidents

There were over 5,000 road accidents in the West Midlands last year and 17 deaths. Most accidents took place in a 30 MPH zone and the most dangerous day of the week to drive is Friday. That will be people rushing home in the Friday rush hour that seems to last all afternoon. Traffic is so slow now with traffic calming and traffic lights every where. We have horrible narrow roads and the planners make them worse. There are fewer accidents on the motorway!

Christmas Postage

The price rise for postage was a bit much this year. Second class stamps jumped from 38p up to 50p. People on some benefits can buy a book of stamps next month at the old 2011 prices. You can check out this offer on the Royal Mail site. When you have your book of stamps don’t waste them sending Christmas cards, use them for something useful like applying for a job…


It’s Halloween soon, now there’s a scary thought. I suppose kids will be trying that horrible American trick or treat thing. It’s OK for them to do stuff at school and maybe the scary mask that they make,  can be worn on Bonfire Night. There are organised bonfires in this area. There’s one in Birmingham that’s free. I would have thought Birmingham would have had more, considering how big a city it is. Prices for organised bonfires in the Black Country range from £3 in Walsall to £8 in Dudley. Check the price of parking your car too, if you’re going to any of those.


I watched Casualty on BBC 1 last night. They had an e.Coli outbreak and weren’t allowed by the ‘rules’ to fully inform the public about it. It reminded me of the salmonella in eggs affair in 1988 when Edwina Currie tried to inform the public and ended up resigning over the affair. It’s a shame she wasn’t so outspoken about Jimmy Savile getting the keys to Broadmoor or the John Major affair for that matter. I think transparency and honesty is always the best policy, cover ups lead eventually to police investigations and public enquiries. Whether it’s MPs expenses, phone tapping, tax fiddling by the rich, health scares, police corruption, interest rate fixing or illicit sex; the truth will surface eventually.

Frankel wins again

Frankel the race horse, won again yesterday at Ascot. He will now retire and go to stud. They say he will be worth up to £100 million at stud. Thirty two thousand tickets were sold for Ascot yesterday, it’s nice to know the champagne and strawberries crowd can still afford a day out.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. Please comment and let me know. There are more blogs to read on a zillion ideas.

2 responses

  1. Nice timing as I’ve just done – not a bad job of decorating one of the kids rooms. All I have to do now is lay the new carpet. I can get it in my car, I’m told and that saves £20 and fitting it myself saves £32. I did the one that I’m tearing up so hopefully should go okay. The only places I got a professional in to decorate were the living room, stairs and landing. And they’re the worst in the house.

    22, October 2012 at 1:01 am

  2. Hi Nick,

    My house is the opposite, professional downstairs and amateur decorating upstairs. I prefer the professional. I did that with a carpet, just about fitted in my car, it was 7 feet long! That was for the smallest bedroom that I changed into an office, so I fitted that myself.

    I think there could be a lot of jobs created if they allowed people deduct some things off their tax. After all they paid the tax on the money. Why pay it twice? If people spent more money locally it would be less going on imported crap.

    22, October 2012 at 8:50 am

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