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I’ve been thinking about which pictures I would use if I was offered an exhibition in an art gallery. What do you think of this one? Would you want to see it in your local gallery?

The Sanna, Moorcroft Wood

I couldn’t do this picture again if I tried. Is this art gallery material? You decide…

The Milky Pool

This is one of my favourites and was taken in Spring. The colours are amazing. 

Forge Mill Farm Shop Sandwell Valley

You don’t have to have amazing colours though, monochrome can look great too.

The Sanna

How about this dark and spooky picture of Moorcroft Wood? It could be the opening shot to a movie!

What do you think, would you like to see pictures like this in your local gallery? I think it’s a little more interesting than Damien Hirst’s sheep pickled in formaldehyde. Local artists could contribute to local galleries where I live, but the people running galleries are such snobs they prefer anything but local works.

Please comment and let everyone know your thoughts, especially if you work in an art gallery, are an aspiring artist or just appreciate art. There is another Neodigital blog on a zillion ideas today why not check that out too?

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