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How to write a novel | Writers block

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If you’re following my story about Nick and Lily, you’ll know that they have a love-hate relationship. Nick is typically English and Lily is American and almost his opposite. I need humorous dialogue between Nick and Lily, but I can’t think of any. Is it writer’s block? Do I need to be inspired? Maybe, I am approaching the problem wrongly.

We often come to a halt when we’re writing and that is especially true when writing a novel. It can be a good thing, it means we have come to the end of a thread in the story and we need to go in a different direction. Things happen in life that spark decisions, humour or an emotional reaction. It is the emotional reactions that make the story interesting.

You might remember that Matt is the gardener at the big house and Nick has got the job as his assistant.

Nick was up early that morning, it was his first day as assistant gardener. He finished his breakfast just in time to see Matt coming out of the lodge.

He called over from his camper van to Matt, “Ready to start?”

“C’mon,” Matt replied, walking along the driveway in the direction of the big house.

Nick soon caught up and walked along with Matt. The first call was the greenhouse where they would spend the morning sowing seeds and potting up seedlings. Nick was quite impressed with Matt’s gardening skills and knowledge. Matt was quite comfortable in his job, even having an armchair in the little wooden potting shed, where they made tea mid-morning.

At the end of the day Nick walked back along the long driveway to his camper van. Matt stayed behind to wait for Mr Knight to return to the big house. As Matt approached the lodge, he saw Mr Knight’s car pull in to the drive and stop outside the gatehouse. Lily opened the passenger door and as she paused to talk to Mr Knight, Nick could see, she was carrying shopping.

Lily walked towards the camper van and the car sped past Nick on it’s way to the big house.

“I’ve been shopping.” Lily called out as she approached.

“I can see that,” Nick replied wearily.

Now we have something to annoy Nick and trigger an emotional reaction. While he’s been working, she has been with the wealthy Mr Knight. Shopping! He will try to control his feelings and pretend that he doesn’t care what she’s been up to. She might take advantage of the situation and try to make Nick jealous.

Will the reader recognise this situation? Will the reader identify with the characters? Can I turn the dialogue that will follow into something humorous? Maybe Lily could show Nick the new dress she had bought? He would be forced to look at her as she held it against herself, making him even more aware of her curvaceous body. How would he react when she got up close and personal to ask his opinion on the new perfume, she had bought. In the story Lily can tease Nick, but we are also teasing the reader. They too will be wondering what will happen next and want to turn the page to keep reading.

What do you think might happen next? Should Lily give in to Mr Knight’s advances, even for a moment. How will Nick eventually admit that he has feelings for Lily and do something about it? How will Lily respond to that, straight away or take her time?

Please comment with your ideas…

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