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From carrots to condoms


This week at Aldi, the Super-Six are the same as last week, carrots (1 kg), new potatoes (750g), parsnips (500g), sweetheart cabbage, cucumber and mild onions (3); all 39p each. I had the bumper pack of chicken (1.26Kg) last week for £2.49 and the pork chops (700g) are on special offer for £2.99.

I shall probably pop down to Aldi this afternoon. They have special offers on Thursdays. They have beef stir fry strips for £2.79 (350g) and lots of tools suitable for the budding handyman on offer today.

I’m more interested in the special offers on Sunday this week. There is a guitar for £34.99, that might make a good Christmas present for a budding pop singer! I’m more interested in the metallic marker pens in gold and silver and the gel roller pens.

We have to get bargains and save to pay those winter bills. The weather has been miserable here, but relatively mild so maybe the winter won’t be so bad.

Besides looking for bargains in the supermarkets, I look for bargains on the stock market. I think there are lots at the moment, but the market has been very volatile and so I wasn’t buying. The news this morning is that there was growth in the economy of 1% (past quarter) and so the pundits and economists are saying the double dip recession is over. That’ll be all that Jubilee and Olympic stuff in the summer, the sales of Union flags has got us out of recession! It’s a shame it rained all summer or ice cream sales could have really made the economy soar…

I‘m not complaining, this feel-good factor is sending my shares up. You remember the ones I bought last year? They are up 45% now and so that’s not a bad return on my money. I’m not doing quite so well with Zopa, but that is a much safer bet and I’m still getting over 5% lending to the safer borrowers.

If Starbucks, Amazon, Google and Facebook started paying some taxes in the UK, imagine how well the economy could do?

I watched a programme about STI’s last night on television. Sexually transmitted infections are free to anyone stupid enough to want one. Many family planning clinics will help you avoid catching one for free too. You might find the free-doms online shop worth checking out too.

I’ve been looking at cameras and this Nikon is on offer at 48.99 at Amazon. I prefer a camera with a viewfinder and there are better cameras, but for the money it’s ideal for keeping in your bag or pocket for those odd snaps. There is a new Nikon camera out this week with built in Android that allows you to post your photos right to Facebook as you take them. Watch out for that one, it’s too expensive in the UK yet, but hopefully the price will come down. In the meantime, if Nikon want me to review that camera, send me a free one and I’ll check it out and write a few reviews…

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2 responses

  1. I never knew Amazon paid no tax. They must be the single biggest supplier of goods in the UK.

    27, October 2012 at 8:33 am

    • Hi Nick,

      It’s a bit complicated, but basically they pay no corporation tax because the money we pay goes to their company in Luxembourg. Their operation in the UK is for ‘distribution only.’ It seems the amount of VAT they pay, particularly on eBooks, is questionable too.

      27, October 2012 at 3:22 pm

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