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The end of British summer time

Woden Road S

Yes, it’s the end of British summer time this weekend. We move our clocks back one hour and get up an hour later! Officially, the clocks are changed at 2am on Sunday morning. Unofficially, mine will be changed when I get around to it. It was cold getting up at eight o’clock this morning, it will be worse tomorrow.

I put the battery on my car on charge yesterday, the voltage drops when it’s cold and so it needs a good charge. I’m not sure if the voltage dropped on the two AAA batteries that power the thermostat on my central heating, but they packed up this morning. I thought it was cold! I think I’m starting to thaw out now. The leaves are changing colour on the trees and with the bright Autumn sun, I might get some nice photographs this weekend. The parks and nature reserves will be a blaze of colour now reflecting far more light than they did in the summer. I need to find my gloves though, it’s cold out there. I might need to go to Matalan to buy a new pair.

How personal accounts can save you money was yesterday’s blog. We all need to save a few quid in these austere times. Don’t we? Finance and education in the 21st century was my blog yesterday over on a zillion ideas.

From carrots to condoms was Thursday’s thrifty blog. Over on a zillion Ideas, I posted Investments | Death or Glory about my investments. My shares have done well this week!

How to write a novel | writer’s block was Wednesday’s blog about writing a novel. I have continued with my story about Nick and lily’s love-hate relationship.   Over on a Zillion Ideas, I posted The need for opportunities for all, well we do all need more opportunities. The whole world has become far too elitist.  David Cameron talks about people needing aspirations, President Obama talks about middle class America. Let’s have opportunities and understanding for all; more coöperation  and less competition.

Neodigital Art | Exhibitions was Tuesday’s photography and art blog. I still need an exhibition.  Neodigital Art | Joining the art revolution was my blog over on a zillion Ideas. You too can join the Neodigital Art revolution, if you have some sort of digital device to making pictures; even a phone with a camera will do. 

How to communicate better was Monday’s psychology blog and my blog over on a zillion ideas was psychology too: Why do we dream? was Monday’s blog over there.

Do not do it yourself! was my usual Sunday ramble when I just write about whatever is on my mind. I continued rambling over on a zillion ideas with Keep it simple, or maybe not. I wish a newspaper, magazine or popular website would pay me to write humour every weekend.  My Sunday rambles are more a comment on life and society, but I do try to make them humorous.

I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow. I have to alter the clocks first, mainly the timer on the central heating. I might do that before I go to bed or my heating will come on an hour late in the morning. I’ve been waking up too early in the morning. What’s the betting, I sleep late tomorrow?

There are more blogs to read over on a zillion ideas. I’ve done well this week, two blogs a day!


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  1. We’ve got an inch or so of snow here in North East.

    27, October 2012 at 11:07 am

    • Hi,

      I’m dreading snow. I have to drive to the hospital in the dark next month and negotiate a difficult car park. I know that’s when the snow will come here! Today we have blue skies and sunshine, it makes a change. It’s cold though.

      Thanks for visiting…

      27, October 2012 at 1:21 pm

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