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Last of the summertime

The Manor Hospital Walsall

I’ve used a picture of the hospital to start today, because my appointment came through. It’s not for four weeks, so I have time to remember how to park the car on the car park. It will be in the dark again, I do wish I could get appointments in daylight. I did change my clocks and watches last night and at midnight set the timer on my central heating to come on an hour early.

The heating actually came on a few minutes late and so was only on for 7 minutes, when my alarm clock went off. That wasn’t really long enough, my boxer shorts that were on the radiator to warm had only just got the chill off them. You can tell a lot about global economics from my boxer shorts. As countries get more developed that change  from making boxer shorts to something more advanced like tee shirts. They work their way up until eventually they get to smart phones. My boxer shorts started in Vietnam and then a few years later they went to Cambodia and now the label says Bangladesh. It’s amazing what you can find out reading the labels in your underwear on a cold and frosty morning.

Using the miracles of modern technology, I was able to talk to a Chinese student last night. I reminded her to alter her clocks one hour back. She’s going swimming in Walsall this morning; assuming the bus from Beijing is on time… They don’t have the twice-yearly changing the clocks ritual in China. She discovered the joys of buying cheap fruit and vegetables on Wolverhampton market yesterday. Incidentally, she still needs a part-time job, up to 20 hours a week. If you need a student in her final year of a business degree (marketing) to do a bit of work at weekends, who is fluent in Chinese and not so fluent in English; let me know.

I would like to wish Julia Roberts happy birthday, she was born on the 28th of October 1967. Unfortunately she’s not here…

I can’t find my gloves and it’s cold this morning. I might go to Matalan this afternoon and buy some. I might get an umbrella too. If I owned an umbrella, it probably wouldn’t rain for years. It’s Sod’s law that we would have a drought. The umbrella would then end up in the same place as my bloody gloves and it would rain persistently. I’ve looked everywhere for those gloves. I’ll buy some new ones and then I’ll find them…

A student in China sent me some jasmine tea and so while I’m in Matalan, I’ll see if I can find a teapot that’s on special offer. I’m told jasmine tea is really expensive, it’s in a fancy box and looks expensive.

Priti Patel is one MP who has urged David Cameron to cut taxes for the middle classes. That is a better idea than her usual rant about bring back capital punishment,  which is a Priti awful idea.. I think cutting taxes for people on minimum wage should be a priority though. A few years ago she wanted capital punishment for paedophiles. Hang about…  Would that include disc jockeys, celebrities and priests?

I’m always amused by the oxymoronic like pretty-ugly, they are far more amusing than just plain morons; they’re everywhere. God must love stupid people, he made so many of them…

Anyway, I think I should drive to the barrier, over the humps, getting as close to the machine as possible. Press button, take ticket, drive through barrier. Then park the car and go through the revolving door of the hospital and find the route number and book in to see the doctor. Then, when I leave the hospital, armed with my ticket and a pocket full of pound coins. I go to the machine, put in my ticket and a pound for every half an hour (unless it’s gone up); take the ticket and find my car. Drive to the barrier, close as possible to machine, place ticket in machine; wait for barrier to lift and drive through. Remember to go right, not left or I’ll end up going in the opposite direction to home. I can do this; I can park my car at the hospital… Now what was it that I was seeing the doctor about? I keep meaning to mention my bad memory, but I keep forgetting…

There are more amazing blogs on a zillion ideas today.



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  1. I’ve been okay on the recent hospital layout. It’s the charges that get me. I can understand them not wanting the carp park populated by nearby workers but this could be solved by tokens issued for free parking if you have just had an appointment. All it seems is that the hospitals try to fleece you for being ill.

    28, October 2012 at 3:31 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I’ve thought about tokens. I think they should give tokens when you have to wait for your appointment or are visiting a sick relative. One guy used to park his car then spend several hours having lunch in the restaurant. The restaurant is less busy now and so is the car park. When people are working for £6 an hour on minimum wage, £2 an hour parking is a bit much. I think some people can claim the charge back. I was told if you are kept waiting a long time in out patients they let you off the parking charge, but have never seen that done. A lot of people park around the back and walk round.

      It’s a nice hospital now though. I don’t like the road to A&E though, that’s confusing. Another 28 years of PFI and it’ll be paid for! 😉

      28, October 2012 at 7:01 pm

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