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How primitive are you?



We all try to fit in to society, but there is a dissonance, we are in two minds about  whether we should fit in or not. Most of the time we want to fit in and be part of the group and that can be the problem. The groups in society are divisive.

In most societies, it results in different classes of people. The privileged and the ‘common’ people. At the ‘top’ of British society there is royalty and the aristocracy and then the wealthy, followed by the middle classes. There is a pecking order, just like chickens. We tend to behave like other members of our tribe, group or class. We even dress alike, to fit into the group. Young people especially dress to become identifiable as part of a group. They are more fashion conscious. Dress can be a uniform. People in certain occupations are required to wear a uniform to identify themselves as part of a group or tribe.

It isn’t just dress that makes people identifiable as part of a group. It is also speech, where they live, behaviour patterns and beliefs. Sometimes when a soccer match is on, some groups display flags on their cars and houses to signify they are members of the group. So while people try to fit in to a group and be sociable, the groups themselves are divisive in society.

Clothing is important and the group members dress fundamentally the same. Some members may take make their uniform stand out with detail or accessories to indicate rank or their position in the group. This might be extra buttons on their clothing, stripes or patterns. They might wear a special hat or have their hair in a particular style; often one appearing  quite outrageous to non group members. It isn’t unusual for group members to dye their hair strange colours; yellow, red or even purple.

The importance of belonging to a group and showing it, also includes possessions of all kinds. The type of car group members drive is important, even the registration plate is important. The colour, make and model of the car should be consistent with what is expected of the group or tribe by their tribal leaders. Different groups appear to have a different status in society and different members of each group have a different status within the group. The status of individual members is reflected in their dress and possessions; even in the home that they live in.

People from outside of the group are often shunned, discriminated against, criticised in displays of primitive behaviour. Name-calling is typical when a group feels threatened by a member of another group. Typically whole groups will discriminate against other groups that they feel are lower down in the pecking order. The more successful and capable groups will show off their success and pick on the more vulnerable and weaker groups or tribes. This is typical of primitive and  basic behaviour. The most primitive behaviour isn’t confined to the weakest groups, it can be more sophisticated and elitist groups. Powerful groups can use brute force to hold a strong position in society, often using violence, threats of violence and other means to supress the vulnerable groups.

Group members can be viciously ostracized if they step out of line and will be compliant and submissive even if they means being inhumane towards an non group member. Anyone who doesn’t seem to fit into the group, doesn’t comply with the dress and behavioural code can be viciously bullied and ostracized by the group. This is often violent when group members are young, but even older groups can be quite vicious when making verbal attacks on non conformists.

These primitive traits in mankind are used to start wars, supress people, drive fashion, promote gang culture, sell drugs, promote sport, promote racism, promote class divisions, promote political division and promote religious division.

How primitive and supressed are you? Do you know your place in the pecking order? Do you join the attacks on people more vulnerable than yourself? Do you call people who are different, names? 

There are more amazing blogs on a zillion ideas. All groups, tribes and classes welcome…


2 responses

  1. I’ve never liked pecking orders. I prefer to gatecrash the party.

    29, October 2012 at 1:20 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I tend to be contrarian. I invest in loss making companies and offer differing views. People are brainwashed and then when they are asked to do something different and creative, they are lost. I talked to my brother on Saturday and mentioned a company I had invested in that doubled the share price. I said it should double again. I think he was sceptical. It’s up 9% so far today! 🙂

      29, October 2012 at 2:30 pm

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