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Thrifty Autumnal shopping on a budget


The Aldi super-six this week are mushrooms (350g), clementines (600g), butternut squash, peppers (3),  large vine tomatoes (450g) and fun size apples (7). I won’t be having any of those. I had apples last week and they aren’t very tasty, but I am used to apples from my own trees. I think I’ll have grapes this week.

I will have a few things from Asda, Aldi don’t do oven chips. There are special buys today at Aldi including beef steak and British jumbo sausages (good for bonfire night with baked spuds). The other offers today are mostly things for the children and some Christmas stuff. The Sunday special buys at Aldi looks more interesting. There are also things for winter. They have the snow shovels again, mine came in useful last winter. I’ve broken my ice scraper and so I’ll try to get a set of those for £1.89. The thermo mugs are 2  for £4.99, they would be handy when I’m out taking photos in the snow. I could take some hot Bovril with me! It’s a shame they don’t have Bovril cubes in Aldi, that’s something else I have to get from Asda. The thermo mugs wouldn’t make a bad present. Perhaps for someone who is out in the cold a lot over the winter or who drives for a living. Get them some cuppa soups too!

Gloves make a good Christmas present, but I need some before Christmas comes around. I have two scarves that were knitted for me. You can get wool from Aldi cheap to knit a scarf, it was in baby colours; but what does that matter. The leather gloves are £12 in Matalan and so after Aldi, I might pop over to Matalan and have  a look around there. I’ll keep Christmas presents in mind. There are also toys for kids in stock now and so it’s worth having a look around.

Be careful what you get kids for Christmas. Will it break easily? A lot of kids stuff is easily broken and a waste of money. Many teenagers will want smart phones so they can update their Facebook pages, but they can do that with a laptop and dare I say it, they can also do their homework on a laptop. If you do get them a smart phone, consider an Android phone and a GiffGaff sim, that will work out cheaper. Try not to encourage them to show off in school though. They could end up making a habit of it and you don’t want your kids to grow up to be officious little bureaucrats do you?

Deaths and serious accidents are rising on Britain’s roads. We have so-called traffic calming on many roads, forcing more traffic on to A roads that are full of holes, badly planned and a bloody nightmare. The bureaucrats want more money to repair them. Why don’t they just admit their experiments into traffic calming, mini roundabout, kerbs sticking out into the road, speed cameras and other nonsense is bloody stupid. If they stop wasting money on speed humps they could fill in potholes.

They say don’t go shopping when you’re hungry because you’ll buy more food. I eat before I go and then don’t buy enough food. Then I eat a packet of sweets on the way home in the car!

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