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Farmville – you cant win

Farmville Wonderland

I haven’t posted a FarmVille blog for a while. As you can see from the picture, I have 1,046,044,929 coins and I have 4 farms that I’m using. I gave up on the one with coconuts and that weird one; Jade Falls. Haunted Hollow? No, didn’t bother with that either.  I’m on level 1160 and so I must be doing something right.

If you can see the fuel I have for tractors and things, it says 6251. It’s run out of space; that is actually 62,510 lots of fuel. I make a lot of crafts, especially farmhands to harvest all those belted cows. I don’t know how many belted cows I have, but over 1,000; which isn’t bad considering they cost over a million coins each.

As you might be able to see on this farm  I have the  winery, spa and sweet shoppe. On the other farms I have a restaurant, a couple of bakeries, three more wineries and the pub on the English countryside one. That was an interesting development when I was allowed more craft things for free.

Sunflower meadow came as a surprise too, that’s an addition to home farm. I think that cost 200 million coins. Fortunately, I still have my dairies to make a lot of coins. I don’t bother stuffing them with belted cows anymore, I don’t have the time.  If you are new to Farmville, they replaced the dairies with cow pastures. You need a dairy for the belted cow trick. Just wait until you have lots of belted cows that are ready to harvest, then use the move tool to move one into a dairy with 39 belted cows in it. Then the whole dairy is ready to harvest. You get over a million coins for that. Take a cow out and replace it with another that is ready to harvest, click with the multi-tool and it harvests again! That’s another million coins. I have a thousand belted cows on Lighthouse Cove and so if I wanted to mess around all day; I could get a billion coins!

You can also stuff the stables the same to get coins and other things. They replaced the stables too.

I have several crafts over level 100 now and I’m getting over 10,000 coins when neighbours buy them. I don’t sell many, but I’m trying to get more crafts over level 100. I have no idea why…

I usually play games to win, but you can’t win at Farmville. You can only play to amuse yourself. I think the guys at Zynga are trying to annoy me with popups and stuff, they can program, but are clueless about gameplay. At times the data exchanging with the server is so slow, crops wither while we wait. The guy who first thought the game up has left Zynga and they seem clueless about how to develop the game now. It gets dafter.

As a game it used to be quite good, now it’s a little childish. They could have made it quite educational. Grow crops, sell them and buy crops to make crafts. Why mess around with different currencies? They keep nagging, to try to get us buy farm cash. They expect us to nag our neighbours for stuff too. They think we are as pathetic as them.

I will say this again. If you want you moat to go straight, use straight bits, around a bend, use bends bits. It’s as simple as that; it’s not a puzzle. The guys at Zynga aren’t that clever.

That’s it, if you have a question, use the comment box. If you’re playing FarmVille all day, get a life or see a doctor…

There are more amazing blogs on a zillion ideas and it’s FarmVille free… No I don’t play FarmVille 2. Do I look like a  masochist?


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