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Bargains in Aldi, Poundland and Matalan


The Aldi Super-Six is the same this week as last week. Button mushrooms (350g), clementines (600g), butternut squash, peppers (3), large vine tomatoes (450g) and fun size apples (7). They are all 69 pence each. Today’s special buys look more interesting, they have ladies leather gloves for 6.99.

They have a lot of things for Christmas, but the ladies boots (15.99) would be good if it snows (as long as it isn’t too deep). There are also ladies socks and pyjamas.

The Sunday special offers are good, they have men’s leather gloves for 4.99. I paid £12 for some the other day at Matalan! They have boots for men too and lots of other things to keep you warm this winter.

I haven’t been to Aldi yet this week. I have been to Matalan. I bought those leather gloves for £12 and they are good quality. I also got a new hat! That’s in black cord and really smart for £6. I bought an umbrella for £7 and it hasn’t rained since. They don’t call them pyjamas now, but I bought some of those. They were marked up at £14 on the big sign, but I had checked online before I went and they were £9 for the ones I wanted. I found them eventually, in with the ones £14 but marked up at £9 on the back of the pack. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’m not vain enough to buy designer clothes. You’re paying for the name. Right? I make an exception for my boxer shorts. They are cut better, so I buy Pierre Cardin. They were 2 for £10 so not very cheap, but I can afford them, so I’m allowed a luxury!

While I was spending money, I thought I would pop into Poundland, before the anaesthetic wore off!  I do have a fetish for pens and always buy a pack of pens, rollerballs ones this time. I actually went in for an ice scraper and it’s fancy with a LED light. I had 5 bags of crisps, but they’re not really as cheap as Aldi and have more salt. Microwave containers will be useful for a £1, I can store things in those for the freezer too. I bought a long-handled thing for cleaning car windows. I think that will be useful in winter for wiping the mist off at times. I’m finding the vapour drops I bought useful. You put a new drops on a hankie or tissue and it helps clear a stuffy nose. I can expect those to come in useful in the winter months. I also had some menthol sweets that do a similar thing. The Tetley one cup tea bags, I just had those to try them. They are OK, not quite as strong as my usual ones. I also had 3 cans of Pepsi. I know, the bill mounts up in there!

I didn’t spend any money hardly in October and I’m making up for it this month. Yesterday, my car sailed through the MOT. That cost me £65 to have it checked over and the MOT test too, so it’s good for the winter now.

I shall go to Aldi later and do some grocery shopping. I have to think about Christmas presents and food now. I need to go back to Matalan to look for presents. I changed my credit card 2 years ago and still haven’t used it. I did mean to use it in Matalan, but forgot again and used my debit card. It is better to keep them for emergencies or for goods that cost over £100 for the extra protection. I must try to remember it.

The advantage of being careful with money is that you have some in the  bank when you do need a few things. You can live for today, but tomorrow comes soon enough and so prepare for tomorrow. I might have a look around the local markets this week too, that’s a good place for finding bargains, especially fruit and vegetables.

Please comment, if you have found some bargains or have something to say. There are also more blogs you might like on a zillion ideas today. There will be another financial blog tomorrow.

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  1. You should invest in some of the £4.99 gloves in case you lose the £12 ones. There is nothing worse than cols hand6 and I have at least three pairs of gloves at any one time. If its really cold I wear them all at once.

    As you can guess from my name I love Poundland and make sure to visit the two in my town on alternating weeks to check out any new stocks. I’m not sure it will interest you but I go in for my beauty products and I have picked up lots and lots of bargains, one of my faves is a Rimmel Nail Polish which is still selling in superdrug for £5 but you are correct it all adds up, its easy to fling eveyrthing into your basket thinking its only £1 but then become shocked when the total rings up at £20.

    Call me weird but I love picking up something by a well known brand name and then get home to read the reviews. I know I should do it the other way round but thats boring 🙂

    8, November 2012 at 1:45 pm

    • Hi,

      I only got to £11 in Poundland! Matalan was £44 and so I had already been a bit extravagant! Check out Aldi for beauty products. They have anti aging stuff, I’m told is good. I like the shampoo and shower gel. I am hoping to find the gloves that I lost but I’ll see what they’re like in Aldi on Sunday. I decided not to go today, I have a headache and then I decided to wait a little longer to do shopping and maybe defrost the freezer. I think the frost is making it less efficient. They have some better offers on Sunday too! I bought a ‘project notebook’ that will be good for notes for my blog or for my novel. It’s divided into easy accessible sections.

      Thanks for visiting and the comment. Not everything is a bargain in Poundland so watch what you’re buying! 🙂

      8, November 2012 at 4:20 pm

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