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Name that river!

PARK 007

I used a photo from last year to start today’s blog. We haven’t had very much sunshine this year. Locals can try to guess where it is and the name of the river. We only have one river though so if that isn’t enough of a challenge, check out the flood light in the background between the trees. Where is that?

Friday software freebies was yesterday’s blog. We all like something for nothing and software is so expensive. So if you can’t afford Microsoft Office, check that out.

Bargains in Aldi, Poundland and Matalan was Thursday’s thrifty blog. Yes, I’ve been out spending my money without an anaesthetic, just so I can find all the bargains for you! I forgot to buy a teapot when I was in Matalan. I need to go back and look for Christmas presents anyway. Incidentally, it tends to be busier on a Sunday than weekdays.

How to write a novel | Creating a  mood was my ever popular blog on a Wednesday about writing fiction. You can join in and help me write this story.  I’m hoping it will become a short novella. I have decided now on a climax to the story, but I still need humour.

Neodigital Art | Seasons was my most popular blog of the week as usual and had some nice pictures from different seasons. We are well into Autumn now and we can look forward to taking winter pictures soon.

Rules? What rules? was Monday’s psychology blog. We all have to live by rules, but we do tend to rebel against them when we’re young and accept them more as we get older. Maybe accepting limitations is a sign of maturity.

What shall I cook for Sunday lunch? was a popular post. I just ramble on a Sunday, no research and write whatever is on my mind. Those posts are always popular, more popular when they are funny. It’s Remembrance Sunday tomorrow and it actually falls on the 11th day this year. The weather forecast is good, so I hope people will be able to attend outdoor services  without getting wet.

I shall be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow. Over on a zillion ideas today I posted a round-up of the weeks blogs on that website. Have a good weekend and please comment if you have a question or something to say.  You could name that river!


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