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Nightmares or just dreams?

Woden Road South July 2012 crop

I’ve used a photograph from the summer to start today’s post. We did have one or two sunny days, in between the rain. I went to Matalan this week and bought an umbrella amongst other things. You will notice that it hasn’t rained since. It’s cold but sunny today, I must remember never to buy sunglasses from Matalan…

I’ve been dreaming  a lot recently.  I read this week that the celebrity people have most nightmares about, is the chancellor, George Osborne. That’s understandable, but I quite like those dreams. When George gets chained to that damp cellar wall by the dominatrix and she starts with her leather whip, it gets quite entertaining. I admit that it makes his eyes water sometimes, I thought David was going to ask her to stop the other night…

I read about a cleaner getting minimum wage, cleaning for Nick Clegg in Downing Street this morning. You can’t live on minimum wage in London and a number of politicians are campaigning for a higher ‘living wage’ of £8.55 an hour. It won’t work, because if those on £6.95 an hour get £8.55 an hour, those on £8.55 an hour will want more too. Then after a few weeks Nick Clegg will want a rise, closely followed by George Osborne. George probably deserves a rise after being chained up in that damp cellar all night…

I just saw that MI 6 are advertising for intelligence officers. If there are intelligent people in London. Why is George, Chancellor of the Exchequer?

While some people can’t make a living wage in London, a group of doctors became millionaires when their out of hours cooperative was bought by Care UK. That will be another company with a contract with the government, employing people on minimum wages. It seems NHS Direct will be making 750 people redundant as a result of changes. They can always find new jobs on minimum wages working for the new privatised service.

Many elderly people fought in wars, today we are told to remember the dead. I think we should remember those who are still with us and give them decent health care and care homes. We shouldn’t forget the loss of life, we need to cut arms production around the world and try to prevent wars. The wealthier nations need to stop showing off to poorer nations and show a little charity. It isn’t just about giving financial aid, it’s about working together to make the world a better place. There is a big divide between rich people and poor people, rich nations and poor nations; we need to narrow that divide and understand more how everyone can work together. When you have plenty and your neighbour is hungry or needs medicine; you have to decide whether you are civilised enough to help.

Maybe ordinary people not politicians hold the key to fewer wars and to building bridges between countries and cultures. I talk to people in different cultures using the internet and we all have similar problems. The causes of anxiety and unhappiness might be different, but we all tend to feel the same.

I don’t have a lot interesting to report. Another hospital appointment came, my car passed the MOT and I defrosted the freezer. I’m planning on cooking lunch after I’ve written a blog for a zillion ideas. There are more blogs to read on the home page too, so stick around for a bit and check them out. You can also comment and tell me your weird and wonderful news. Maybe you were in that cellar watching George getting flailed last night too?


3 responses

  1. Did you finally get your gloves from Matalan?

    11, November 2012 at 1:25 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      Yes, finally got my gloves. I forgot to get a teapot or look for Christmas presents so need to go back. It took ages to find that umbrella. I gave up and went to the checkout; there they were. 🙂

      Thank for the comment.

      11, November 2012 at 11:11 pm

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