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Neodigital Art | Autumn leaves

Woden Road Pool

Moorcroft Wood – spooky

I took this photograph on Sunday afternoon. I went to Moorcroft Wood first and the sun was high in the sky and starting to set when I got to this lake. The light hit the tree tops and lit them up making them look like they were on fire.

Moorcroft 032

Hawkswood drive runs alongside the wood and there’s a school playing field. The trees lining the playing field caught the sun as I was leaving, making for a good shot.

Moorcroft 027

It was quite dark in the woodland, but the sun shone through the trees. You can see the gate at the end of the path to Hawkswood drive, that gives the shot a focal point.

Moorcroft 009

Moorcroft pool, otherwise known as ‘The Sanna’ always looks a bit spooky when the leaves have fallen from the trees. It looked really strange with the sun hitting the top of the trees. This picture doesn’t do it justice really.

Moorcroft 035

This is the other side of the wood. The canal runs alongside and that little bridge leads to an entrance to the woodland. The canal goes off left there too, to where Bradley locks used to be.  You can walk up to the locks, they’ve been filled in now.

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