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The Aldi Super-six this week are lemons (5), plums (500g), peppers (3), sweet potatoes (750g), conference pears (6) and red onions (750g). I must make an effort to eat more fruit. I bought a kilo of bananas (68p) on Sunday and I’ve only just started eating them. We need lots more vitamins in winter.

Lemons are packed full of vitamins C and can be used to make an old fashioned lemonade. We used to cut them up and steep them in boiling water and add sugar when I was a kid to make original lemonade.  It wasn’t fizzy like the stuff you buy, but packed full of vitamin C. We now have a lot of choice and can choose to drink orange juice or blackcurrant juice these days to get enough vitamin C in winter.

I’ve just noticed my 15 pack of eggs went up 10p last week in Aldi. They’re 1.35 now. They don’t put things up by a penny these days. Most price increases I’ve seen lately have been closer to 10% or even more. Another sneaky trick they use, is to make packs smaller. The packs of chicken drumsticks were 1Kg, now they  are 750g for the same price. 

The diced pork (360g) in Aldi is £1.89. You can do a stir fry with that or make a stew. The red onions are good in a stir fry or a stew too.

Aldi has a ‘what’s new’ page on it’s website now, that’s worth checking out. Lots of new meals that are in the chilled cabinet and non-food items too. The offers on Sunday include LED Christmas lights.

Asda has a half price sale. I saw a pack of 3 shirts for 8.50 which seemed good. I had some shoes from Asda, some time ago. They have been very good.

Matalan have some 3 for 2 offers on gifts.  There is a glass jar full of dolly mixtures for £4. It looks good, but you could get the dolly mixtures from Aldi for a lot less and fill a suitable jar or container. Fancy glass containers can often be found on car boot sales. I read the other day that empty Bovril jars are becoming collectible!

It’s Black Friday deals week on Amazon next week. I’ll check that out next week. They have bargains that you have to grab quickly. The only thing I’ve seen on Amazon that tempts me today is this limited edition slow cooker.

If you need a Christmas hat for that party, check out Poundland. They have lots of them. You might pick up a few presents while you’re there. Stationary is good for the kids and students in your life. If you’re stuck for a gift, check out their diaries.

If you have any cool ideas for Christmas gifts, please comment. Books and diaries are always useful, but do you have any other ideas? There are more blogs and ideas on a zillion ideas.

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  1. I sometimes buy lottery tickets or a scratch cards for birthday presents for people when I don’t have a great deal to spend and pop it inside a card, my friend won £20 once so it worked out well.

    15, November 2012 at 12:10 pm

    • Hi,

      I’ll keep that as a back up plan. I have done it before for an 18th birthday. My niece is doing A levels and it will be uni next year and so have to find her something. They have to buy a lot when they start university and so I was thinking of something like that. I bought a wok for a student starting in September, but she was Chinese! 🙂

      If they won the jackpot, would you be pleased or would you wish you had the ticket?

      Thanks for the comment.

      15, November 2012 at 2:28 pm

      • Id act pleased whilst secretly being jealous 🙂

        15, November 2012 at 4:39 pm

  2. Next time buy two lottery tickets both with the same numbers, at least you’ll get a share! 😉

    15, November 2012 at 11:42 pm

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