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The Saturday review | SAD


My photograph today is a little different. I tried some night photography this week. It wasn’t a great success, but it’s always worth trying. The shutter was open for about 3 second for this shot so I had to hold my breath and keep the camera very still. That’s Moorcroft Wood on the left of the picture.

People don’t really appreciate things unless they pay for them was the title of yesterday’s blog. The current ideology on offer to cut spending on ‘social’ programmes, is to have ‘social enterprises’ and ‘social businesses’. Do we really want private businesses running all care homes, hospitals, clinics and advice centres?

Shop thrifty – save money was Thursday’s usual thrifty blog. While the public schoolboys are running the UK, we all have to try to manage the best we can and shop around.

How to write a novel | Inspiration was another popular blog in the series about how to write a novel. I think it’s hard to write a novel and even harder to get one published, but it’s getting easier. It’s easier to write now with computers and word processors. It is easier to publish with self publishing  and publicising is getting easier with social media sites like Facebook and blogging sites too.

Neodigital Art | Autumn leaves was Tuesday’s popular blog on photography and art. I think more people will join this art movement soon, everyone has a digital camera these days and the editing software I use is free. Why don’t you have a go? 

Psychology | Striking a balance was Monday’s psychology blog. We need to strike a balance in many aspects of our lives. We can be too concerned about things and obsessive or not concerned enough.  We can worry too much or be too blasé. We can be too loud and extrovert or too quiet and introvert. They say moderation in all things is good.

Nightmares or just dreams? was my usual factitious Sunday ramble and comment on what has been happening through the week. I do little research for my Sunday blogs, but they’re still the most popular.

SAD is seasonal affective disorder and the treatment is often a dose of sunshine. We haven’t had many sunny days were I live for a while.  The summer wasn’t very sunny, but now it seems like constant grey days. The cloud is supposed to hold in the heat and so we have to be grateful that it’s not below freezing. It is making photography difficult. I’m still writing a short novel, but I’ve also started a short story, set in the Christmas period. I hope to publish that at Christmas. I thought of an ending this morning, so I’m making progress.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble before cooking lunch or maybe while lunch is cooking. Please comment, you can ask a question or make a suggestion. Want to try guest blogging? I need guest blogs for a zillion ideas. Email me!


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