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Neodigital Art | Something unique

WODEN mono

Neodigital – art for the 21st century

I’ve been promoting Neodigital Art for a few years now. If you search for the word Neodigital with Google, you should find all my stuff! Neodigital Art is art for the 21st century and I want it to be as inclusive as possible. Not just for the rich with their galleries and open cheque books.


I have used Photoscape, a freeware editing program to edit this photo.


The lake where I took the the photo is on the South side of Wednesbury (the town I live in) and this was my first edit, in colour. Notice that the first picture isn’t colour, it’s monochrome! This was the original picture:


It’s dull and dark, but a nice picture. This isn’t about capturing what was there, there wasn’t enough light for that. It is the end of Autumn. It is about creating art, something unique that no one else can create. I started by compensating for the light and making the picture lighter and adding contrast.

Woden 1st edit

It looks better doesn’t it? It also looks more like what I saw, looking through the viewfinder. One of the reasons it looks so dark in the previous picture is I had  a narrow aperture, for depth of field; but that allows less light into the camera. Now I have a lighter picture and depth of field. My next step was to crop the ducks off at the bottom of the picture.

Then I got creative! I used Photoscape to put a lens flare into the picture. That created an illusion, because the sun was actually behind me. My final trick was to choose a colour and make the whole picture monochrome.

Do you think a large framed print of the picture belongs in Wednesbury art gallery or should we stick with paintings from little known artists from previous eras? I think it’s highly unlikely that local talent will ever be recognised in the Black Country, let alone Wednesbury, but we can keep trying until people wake up. Most people in Wednesbury have never even stood and looked at that lake when the sun shines. They haven’t seen the bluebells of Spring or the golden leaves of Autumn. How can they judge or appreciate beauty, when all they see is a TV screen? My picture is unique, I think it is art and it is creative photography.

There are more blogs on the home page. What do you think? Please comment.


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