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Thrifty Thursday bargains and Christmas ideas


The Super-Six at Aldi this week are lemons (5), plums (500g), peppers (3), sweet potatoes (750g), conference pears (6) and red onions (750g). They are all 69p. I wasn’t tempted by those, I had a stew pack for 1.39 to make some chicken stew.

I have been testing some of the other products. The Softly 3 ply tissues aren’t as soft as the Asda 3 ply ones, but they are stronger and so last longer. The Saxon loo roll with aloe vera  is good too at 1.85 for 4. The cleaning products are branded Power Force. They are more or less the same as other own brands in other supermarkets. I think the kitchen cleaner might be marginally better than Asda. The window and glass cleaner is really good, I like that. The Magnum washing up liquid is like an own brand, but does the job. I compared the washing up liquid with Fairy and the kitchen cleaner with Flash and so they did well to be comparable at a much lower price.

I have also tested the Formil detergent liquid from Lidl, it was good in a normal wash, but didn’t get stains out of tea towels, even with stain remover added. I didn’t expect it to though! It does the job as well as can be expected. I’ll test the Aldi one next!

If you are going to Aldi today check out their Thursday special buys first. The ladies wellies are good for 9.99. I think we could have snow this winter. The Sunday special buys include a big tin of biscuits for 4.99, that could be handy to treat everyone you work with.

Matalan still has things on sale, like Men’s chinos. Bed socks are sort of in fashion, except they call them sleep socks. You could give these as a Christmas present and maybe make them into a Christmas stocking. You can get chocolate money and other things at Aldi to put inside. Clementines,  nuts, chocolate money and Cadbury’s miniatures are all good for Christmas stockings.

I was looking at mugs in Matalan. There is a nice ‘home, sweet home’ one. You could fill it with sweets to make an unusual Christmas present. Dolly mixtures, jelly babies or even chocolate button would be good.

You can spread the cost of Christmas by buying a few things now. Christmas cards, stamps and wrapping paper can be bought early, to spread the cost.

I looked at today’s Black Friday deals at Amazon. A camera I looked at last month on offer was on offer again today, but for £20 more!

They have some nice A4 picture frames in Poundland. You could frame a picture for someone as a Christmas present. It could be a photo of them, their kids or their house. If you need a nice picture, check out my photos in my Neodigital Art blogs.  There were some good ones this week. Double click the picture to enlarge it and then right click to save it. You could start a little art collection by printing out a few of them.

If you’re really stuck for a cheap present this Christmas, how about a lottery ticket in their Christmas card? If they win a fortune, they might even thank you. I think there is a Euromillions draw on Christmas night and a Lotto draw on Boxing day. If you want to be silly about it, get them tickets for both and the Thunderball draws. It will cost you a fiver, but will give them a bit of excitement over Christmas. If you feel a bit Scrooge-like, buy one ticket and then print out shares in it and give to all your friends!

Another useful present to consider are flash drives and memory cards. Memory cards are useful for cameras and smart phones. Flash drives can be loaded with free software to make them even more useful.

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10 responses

  1. Interesting set of mini reviews Mike

    I’m saving money by cancelling Christmas and having a mini festival to Mammon at
    the start of January.

    Re’ Poundland. DId you see the documentary about their sharp practices ?

    Did you ever get round to paying a visit to the Black Country Museum ?


    22, November 2012 at 9:28 am

    • Hi Mac,

      I saw something about Poundland employing people on the cheap and sometimes their bargains aren’t such good bargains. I think if something is a little more expensive, I have it anyway. It’s not worth the petrol to shop around too much.

      I’m hoping to write about inexpensive Christmas gifts next. I don;t have many to buy. I have a big family and friends too, so I just buy for a few of them and then then can come and eat my food and drink the booze!

      I still haven’t been to the Black Country Museum. They should have cut prices to get people in this year. Now they’re cutting staff. I think it’s about £17.00 with parking, so I want a good day to take photos for that. I was going to take an International student with me, so my day out would be over £30; that’s not cheap. They should do deals like buy one get one free, especially when the weather is crap. The British have never been too hot when it comes to marketing.

      22, November 2012 at 10:10 am

  2. Ther picture framing sounds a good idea.

    22, November 2012 at 12:35 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I added to that idea in a blog on and suggested that you could also frame other things besides pictures, like a certificate or the family tree. They have nice frames in Poundland and they are a fraction of the price that you would pay in Ikea. I had a certificate from the Mayor of Walsall last year in the photo contest at the Manor and I framed that in a Poundland frame. The photo is in another frame on my living room wall!

      Thanks for the comment.

      22, November 2012 at 1:21 pm

  3. Re’ your visit to BCMuseum, you can probably add another £10 on; by the time you buy
    your ‘authentic’ fish and chips and have a drink in the pub.

    The site has to much open ground to justify going if it looks like rain.


    23, November 2012 at 10:09 am

    • Hi Mac,

      I’m off the booze at the moment, so I’ll stay out of the pub! I’ll be driving anyway. I want to try the chips, I hope they cook them in lard! No fish though, I’m on a gluten free diet!

      Maybe next spring, I’ll get there. It would be good when it’s covered in snow, but hard to get around!

      23, November 2012 at 10:46 pm

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