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The last Sunday ramble of November

All Saints Moxley

Regular readers, will know that I’m into Neodigital Art. Art that has been produced using digital devices not a brush and canvas. What do you think of today’s picture?  I’ll get an exhibition yet!

The pylons, on the left of the picture are interesting. I think one of those could be on Aldi’s car park. I was going to have a competition today and ask readers to name the church in the picture. I got a cabbage from Aldi as a prize and everything, but then I thought… How will I deliver the prize? I’ve got readers all over the world and cabbages go off so quickly…

According to the weather forecast, it’s supposed to be raining now. I see blue skies and sunshine. I was going to go out this afternoon and take photographs for my Neodigital Art again. Some of my friends wanted to come too, it’s hard to arrange anything when the weather keeps changing. That’s the English weather though. You plan something; it rains. So stop planning and just do stuff!

I read this week that my local council has spent millions hiring consultants this year. I wonder how much they used to spend before they started cutting back?  Strangely, I don’t know anyone who has a penny of that money. Did it all go to consultants from Solihull again? I think everyone on the council has a relative who lives in Solihull or Sutton. It’s amazing how people from the posh areas are willing to leave their luxury homes to come and work in this ‘deprived area’ if they are offered enough money. Just don’t ask them to actually live here.

Someone put some school photos on Facebook this week. Yes, I was on one of them! In my school uniform too! I think most of my classmates from those days have left the area, become drug addicts or have died. By a weird coincidence there is a reunion on the last Thursday in November. I might go. I might see my school friends; both of them…

My brother has had tests at the hospital this week. It’s my turn to go tomorrow. It’s amazing how we turn the worst situations in life into humour in the Black Country. Well, we do after the event anyway. People come out with phrases like “I might not have many GCSE’s, but at least I can pass a prostate examination”. Then there are the stories about having 30 feet of plastic tubing threaded into one of your more personal orifices. While they look for anything out of the ordinary with a mini television camera, you think up lines like “Have you found Lord Lucan yet?” to relate to  friends later.

It’s not long to Christmas. I have a 10% off voucher for Matalan now. They always send you one just after you’ve been there. Why can’t they send one before you go? You could use it then! I might go back and see if I can find one or two Christmas presents. I should buy my friends a little present each; both of them…

Someone said the reason that I never use my mobile phone is because I have no friends. That’s not true. I don’t need to phone them all the time; they can phone each other… I should put some credit on my phone, I think the five years must be up… Someone told me they could switch me off and nick my number and money  if I don’t use the credit. I used it in September. It was an incoming call, but that must count…

You can search the TV programmes by genre on my TV. I searched for ‘entertainment’ and Jeremy Kyle came up. That has to be a mistake. I suggested that we could watch TV this afternoon, if the weather was bad. I’ve just looked to see what’s on. Formula One and a film from 1973. This is what we pay our TV licence for. Why don’t they put the test card on BBC Three, I used to like watching that young girl…

If you have something to say, please comment. The sun is still shining. Where’s the rain? This is weird…

6 responses

  1. I never trust weather forecasts. I think the BBC one just makes any old rubbish up then changes it when they look out the window.

    I have 10% off at Matalan too. I also remember the test card girl but less fondly now after the image was used in a creepy way in Life on Mars where she ended up coming to life and talking.

    25, November 2012 at 2:01 pm

  2. Hi Nick,

    We took a few photos, but it’s bloody cold out there. I came back in to warm up and have a cup of tea. It’s gone a bit dark now, but I’ll go out again. I’m thinking of going to Currys to look at a half price Tefal Actifry!

    I remember something weird about the BBC test card girl, but she was better than the programmes. I used to put her on just to listen to the music sometimes.

    My friend has gone to Merry Hill, I’m sure he’s a masochist…

    25, November 2012 at 2:56 pm

  3. I love this picture! The mood is intense. What editing did you use for it? Or is that tomorrow’s blog post topic?

    27, November 2012 at 3:23 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I like this one. I converted the picture to black and white, but the intensity is the fish-eye effect. It’s not a big effect but brings the church closer and makes it dominate the picture. This is usually done using a fish-eye lens, but I’m too mean to buy all the fancy equipment. I used a freeware program! I shall be doing editing with Photoscape in one of today’s blogs. I just have to wake up! I’m going to have a go at using the fish-eye feature on a photo of a vehicle; that might work.

      Thanks for the comment…

      27, November 2012 at 8:33 am

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