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A week of nostalgia

New moon

Full Moon

There has been a full moon this week and a week of nostalgia for me. On Facebook the new ‘The History of Wednesbury’ continued to get more ‘likes’ and contributions.  There is a lot of interest in local history now, Distinctly Black Country is another Facebook page. I also went to an informal reunion for Wednesbury Boys High School last night. It’s not often I admit to having gone to a grammar school.

In those days we were taught to the sound of drop forge hammers and lessons were interrupted by passing steam trains. There was a culture in grammar schools that is a little difficult to describe, but the effect is still evident today. The gentlemen last night were dressed fairly predictably. They were well mannered and polite and knew when to shake hands. Education used to be about behaviour as well as physics and chemistry, years ago. Now we have Metropolitan councils with their politically correct chief executive officers, comprehensive education and subjects like sociology and media subjects. I miss the steam trains, proper fish and chips, the 3 cinemas and the sense of pride and optimism that we had.

The Great British Potato shortage was yesterday’s article about the shortage of potatoes. It was the drought, that stunted their growth and then the rain caused blight…

Thrifty Christmas countdown was my usual Thrifty Thursday blog. It’s only 3 weeks to Christmas now. My car was encased in ice when I came out the pub last night. They say don’t run your car to warm it up before you set off. It wastes fuel, but I struggled to keep my windscreen free of ice last night driving home. Some of the guys had to drive a lot farther than me, I didn’t envy them.

How to write a novel | Antagonism was my usual Wednesday blog on writing a novel. The protagonist is the main character, but if you have a bad guy then that is the antagonist. Those English lessons in high school come in handy sometimes…

Neodigital Art | Monochrome doesn’t always mean black and white was my Neodigital art blog. That would have my old art teacher turning over in his grave. You use a camera boy? That is not art!

Psychology | Vanity was Monday’s usual psychology blog. We didn’t do ‘ologies when I was at school, so I just make all that stuff up!

The last Sunday ramble of November was popular,   my rambling always is. I make that stuff up too!

They are having another little reunion for my old school on the last Friday in November next year and a reunion dinner in May sometime. I don’t know why they have reunion dinners. When you get to our age, being on a diet of some kind is almost compulsory. They only let some of them out of the nursing homes on the condition someone cuts their food up. I think it’s getting to be a select few, a lot didn’t make it. If the Benson and Hedges  didn’t get them, the booze did. I was actually one of the younger ones. I still have hair and it’s not that grey yet. I was the only one wearing a knitted hoody and jeans. I always did rebel against the usual convention. I should have probably worn a shirt, grey flannels and a Fred Perry jumper, but it was freezing, so hence the jeans and hoody. I do own a blazer and I’ve still got my school tie. I would have worn them, if it had been summer.

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow with my Sunday ramble. In the meantime there are also lots of articles on a zillion ideas to read.

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