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More Thrifty December bargains

The super-six at Aldi this week are cucumber, broccoli (350g), onions (1kg), celery, courgettes (3) and tomatoes (6). They are all 49p again this week. I bought some celery and broccoli this week. The celery is good for adding to chicken stew this weather. Be careful of the broccoli, mine was a little wet. Remove the cling film and if it’s wet wrap kitchen towel around it to make it drier, it’ll last longer.

I had frozen veggies (vegetable medley – 1Kg) for 99p too this week.

Vegetables and fruit continue to get more expensive and so make use of frozen vegetables, at about £1 for a kilo, they are good value compared to fresh and will help you get your 5 a day. One of your five a day can be a glass of fruit juice, try orange juice or vitamin packed blackcurrant.

I also had some crinkle cut chips for £1.00, these aren’t as good as my usual oven chips because they are difficult to brown in the oven. They are all different sizes. If you’re cooking them in an air fryer or deep fat fryer they would probably be good. I had some turkey mince last week for 1.75, that is good; tastes nice and fries quickly.

I compared some prices on my shopping list at Aldi to the same products at Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s brainwash their customers with repetitive advertising. The repetitive slogans have little effect on me, I don’t care for Asda price, I know every little helps and I can’t ‘taste the difference’ between Aldi chicken and Sainsbury’s organic, free range, new laid, corn-fed chicken, at twice the price. I checked the price of all my shopping list and only the bananas were cheaper at Sainsbury’s. Some foods were double the price and shopping at Sainsbury’s would add 25% to my bill. Some packets were also smaller, despite being more expensive. The worst prices were meat and fish.

One thing that I did notice was that many supermarkets stock foreign beer and wine but not the beer from my local brewery. I buy bottles of Banks’ beer at Aldi and stock up for Christmas. No wonder Germany is weathering the recession well when our supermarkets stock all their beers in preference to our own. There are good selections of foreign wines too. How long before this stupid government decimates sales of English cider with their weird ideas?

I’m not going to go on about yesterday’s Autumn statement by the Chancellor except to say those people on benefits that were out waving their flags and cheering the Jubilee and Olympic flame on earlier this year will now pay for their naivety. That also applies to the middle classes and everyone who will be worse off because of yesterday’s mini budget. They have the brakes on the economy, so expect things to get even worse. They appear to be planning to take the brakes off a little in 2014, so that will be when the stock market will soar and the rich like Cameron and Osborne get richer… Many shares appear to be cheap  now, so if you buy now, you should make a bundle in 2014. Right? The economy should be doing better by the time of the next election…

I saw a camera half price at Amazon a couple of months ago, 49.99 instead of 99.99; it’s back to full price now. That’s not as bad as Sainsbury’s who have it at 109.99. It pays to shop around and on-line, it’s often the cheapest option.

If you own a Philips Airfryer, please comment and tell me if they are any good. They are £89.99 at Curry’s and I might get one. It will be cheaper than buying oven chips and they should taste better. They seem to take up less work top space than the Tefal Actifry, but do they cook nice chips?

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  1. My Dad had one of those airfryer things when he went on a keep fit type of thing. He swore by it and cooked all sorts in it. He ven took it away in his caravan when they went on holiday.

    6, December 2012 at 8:13 pm

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