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We can afford more traffic calming

Wednesbury 017

My local council is at it again, installing more bloody traffic calming at a cost of of £140,000. They cut services for disabled  and vulnerable children and then to ‘protect’ children at this school, they spend a fortune on road humps. The mini roundabouts and chicanes  didn’t work. Really?

They wouldn’t think of stopping the local shops selling fags in a bid to improve kid’s health of course. They will slow the traffic to 20 MPH and then it will go even faster a bit farther down the road. Some drivers will avoid the new humps and drive down another road, making that road busier and dangerous. You can’t make it up…

What does ‘price discrimination’ actually mean? was yesterday’s blog. It’s useful to become aware of price discrimination, it can save you a lot of money. They load prices all the time and you pay extra if you aren’t aware of it.

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How to write a novel | the ante climax  was Wednesday’s blog on how to write a novel. I am making progress with my short story for Christmas, it’s quite funny. I’ve done 2,000 words and so I’m about half way through.

Neodigital Art | Editing for Art was Tuesday blog on photography and Art.  I’ll get an exhibition eventually. It would only cost about £140,000,  as cheap as a few speed humps and twice as popular…

How secretive are you? was Monday’s psychology blog. Personally I’m quite open,  You can click the thing in the sidebar and view my Facebook page.

Back to the future was my Sunday morning ramble about my school reunion last week.  We didn’t have traffic calming when I was at school, we had a zebra crossing and sometimes a person with a lollipop to stop traffic. The school wasn’t built on a motorway junction or an A road, which would seem a novel idea to the local councillors, but it had it’s advantages. We were warned about the dangers of the local railway and the river. We rode bikes to  school and there were no speed humps, we were the ones speeding. I blame Comprehensive education for all this politically correct stuff. We need to save kids lives and teaching them the green cross code would help. Slowing traffic means that cars travel in long convoys and kids run between them, dicing with death.

Another way to slow down traffic, is to change all the gas mains around the town… When they’re finished, BT can dig up all the roads again…

There are more common sense blogs on a a zillion ideas today. You can also comment!

4 responses

  1. Road humps and all the other crap soemtimes doesn’t make a jot of difference as some drivers seem hell bent on being arse holes regardless.
    Outside my Daughter’s school seem to attract a lot of them, mounting the pavement at great speed in black ice, all so they don’t have to park safely and walk a few bloody yards.

    8, December 2012 at 11:45 am

    • Hi,

      I am surrounded by schools and they all drive to the schools, it’s chaos. I think only disabled people should be able to park at the school. I had to go there when I was sick and couldn’t walk there. They stopped the kid walking a few hundred yards to my house, it was OK to make me walk! The road where they are putting the new traffic calming is ridiculous. They slowed the traffic down all along the road and then it speeds up again past the school! The big problem is parking, but the school has a car park and there is one over the road to a sports field. They could open them up for disabled drivers at certain times easily. I was told about a few jobs on committees this week. It would have suited me to do 4 days a month for 13,000 a year; but I couldn’t stand all the bull shit.

      Thanks for popping in and for the common sense comment.

      8, December 2012 at 1:01 pm

      • I live a five min walk away from our school and there are parents who live on the same street who drive, its pointless, even if they were going on to work or something they could always walk back home for the car, its five mins max.
        Another thing they always do is block driveways and give the homeowners grief for daring to want to go to work on a morning. I think some of it is down to pure laziness.
        Everynow and then the school hold walk to school days but all that happens there is the parents drive to the drop of point, crazy.
        I agree, yes disabled access and parking should always be allowed.

        9, December 2012 at 5:17 pm

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been in Poundland today 🙂

    I bought that Philips Airfry, I’ll write a review one of the days. I am concerned at how much it’s going to add to my electric bill! It cooks frozen chips quite good. It doesn’t brown the chicken very good, but it tasted OK! My calculations so far say 16p for the chips and 4p for the electric per portion. I suppose it’s better than the fish and chip shop! 🙂

    I think they could give free school dinners to kids that walk to school…

    9, December 2012 at 6:26 pm

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