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Avoiding the Christmas blues



Christmas can be fun…

Christmas can be a joyous time for some people and a stressful and depressing time for others. It should be a special time for children who will be enjoying their first Christmases and excitedly opening presents. It’s not so much fun if you have to pay for all the presents, take all the responsibility and cook all the food.

Is Christmas too commercialised?

Christmas is very commercialised now, the big multinationals bombard us with advertising. It’s everywhere we look; visual displays backed up with slogans and music. It sometimes appears to be a wonderland of coloured lights, music and gifts galore, but not everyone can afford the commercialised Christmas. I went shopping and outside one of the stores, I saw someone begging for lose change, he was homeless and the weather was freezing.

There are always people worse off than ourselves, but we have high expectations of Christmas and the tide of sentiment can carry us along. Friends and family might invite us to celebrate in a way that we can’t afford. The sending of cards alone, is an expensive and time consuming ordeal for many people.

The winter solstice

The shortest day in England is just before Christmas. The Winter solstice heralds the official beginning of winter, the day is short and the darkness of night is long. We need something to cheer us up at this time of year. In Victorian times it would have been a roaring log fire and the house lit with candles. Candles are still popular at Christmas, but be careful if you’re buying some this Christmas. There is a fire risk and Christmas is a time of accidents too. Many of those accidents are because people drink too much alcohol.

Enjoy Christmas

If you want to enjoy Christmas, then cook a special meal. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to have champagne and caviar. The shops are selling all sorts of treats from selection boxes to chocolate coins. You don’t need to have it all. A few small treats will mean you will have less regrets in January. Your bank balance will be healthier and so will you, if you enjoy Christmas in moderation.

We tend to be happy when something good has just happened or when we are looking forward to something. Don’t get too excited about Christmas and don’t get others too excited either and then if it’s not quite what you expected, it won’t be a big let down.  Do make plans though, so that you do have something to look forward to. Don’t think about presents, food and drinks; think about people. Who, rather than what, you might enjoy this Christmas. Christmas is about people and spending time with family and friends. Don’t fall for the hype of Christmas, a best friend is better than a smart phone…

I shall have more Christmas tips and advice before the holiday. If money is a bit short, check out my thrifty and frugal blogs on Thursdays and Fridays. I shall try to keep telling you about the bargains.


4 responses

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  3. As an atheist, I don’t follow the Christian reasons. However, I’m told the festival was hijacked anyway from earlier pagan cultures. I just see it as a time when the family can expect me to be nice once a year.

    16, December 2012 at 1:53 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      Yes, it was a pagan tradition. I’m not sure,but I think the Christmas carol or song, whatever it is. The holly and the ivy is a pagan song, rather than Christian. I think my family are coming here one day over Christmas and friends might drop in. I try to have food and drink, but it’s so awkward these days. Everyone is on a diet or driving so they can’t have a drink. Years ago, it was a mince pie and a drop of scotch… happy days!

      16, December 2012 at 3:02 pm

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