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Neodigital Art | Editing old photos

West Brom High Street

Sometimes you can scan an old photo and improve it or make it artistic with editing. This is West Bromwich High Street at the beginning of the 20th century. I edited with PhotoScape and use the colorize option.

Manor House

This picture isn’t very old. I took it last year, but I have edited again with PhotoScape and again I’ve used the colorize option. It’s the Tudor style Manor House at West Bromwich (now a Museum).

St Barts

I used the colorize option in PhotoScape again for this picture. That church is close to my home and is probably 700 years old. It’s on the site of an ancient fort where Ethelfleda the warrior princess; daughter of King Alfred, fought against the invading Vikings. Princess Ethelfleda was known as the Lady of the Mercians.

The Manor Hospital Walsall edit

I’ve kept with Black Country landmarks with this picture. This is the new hospital at Walsall. I tried editing this with PhotoScape and apart from cropping off a dump truck, I couldn’t make it any better. The hospital had a photo contest this time last year and one of my pictures now hangs in the hospital. Appropriately enough it’s where they do the blood tests! That will give people something to look at while they wait. I have to go there again, the day before the winter solstice. It will be getting dark when I arrive on one of the shortest days. I would like to get this shot again, but at night. I shall have to see what the weather’s like and how much time I have left on the parking.

I hope you liked today’s pictures. I have another blog today on a zillion ideas with even more amazing pictures.


6 responses

  1. Hi Mike, I love these photos, especially the monochrome ones. So was the top pictures a color picture and then you made it sepia?

    I thought of you this week when I was in a gallery. They had formerly displayed old pictures from nearly 100 years ago but those pictures were fading. They scanned them and then made a creative exhibit of the scanned photos. I don’t think they edited them though, at least not that they would admit!

    That’s great that your photo is being displayed in the hospital to cheer up the patients. Which photo was it? I wonder if that will stay there for 100 years. It should!

    13, December 2012 at 12:50 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      The photo in the hospital is the one that you like taken in Merrion’s Wood. That top picture was black and white and I used the colorize option in PhotoScape. I think it’s made it much better and clearer. That street is horrible now. They extended the kerbs out in the road and stuff to ‘slow down traffic’. Cars have power steering and good brakes these days. It must have been quite hard to cross the road when there were cars and trams!

      13, December 2012 at 3:39 pm

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