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How to write a novel | Ideas

If you have been following my series of articles on ‘how to write a novel’ you’ll know I’m writing a short novel, a ‘novella’ about a love-hate relationship between a young Englishman, Nick and a young American, Lily from New England. Last week Nick got dismissed from his job as assistant gardener by Terrance, the Lord of the Manor.

I haven’t developed the story any more because I have written a short story, which I have converted into a eBook (PDF) that you can download at Christmas. It is a love story and a comedy. It will be available for download from a zillion ideas over Christmas, if I can get the download to work!

The novel about Nick and Lily needs developing, it needs ideas. I have a rough draft, but it needs comedy inserting into it. I even have an ending to work towards, when Nick gets the girl and goes off to America with her. Sorry to spoil the ending, maybe it won’t be that simple when I finally write it!

Lots of things can trigger humour in the novel. Nick’s the gardener and so anything to do with gardening. I named the pub, ‘the Barmaid’s Arms’ and so that should trigger a few funny lines. In my short story, one of the triggers for humour was a simple phone call. People and events trigger humour. I also want Nick to be funny and Terrance to be a sort of straight man who doesn’t get the subtle jokes at his expense.

“I think Terrance is in the Barmaid’s Arms,” Lily said.

“Again? He can’t get enough can he?” Nick replied cheekily, “He’s not the only one, either!”

“He only had a couple…”

“A couple! Really? I thought there was only one barmaid’s arms!” Nick continued suggestively.

Ideas for funny lines can be written down in a note book. Make a note of any idea that might make the story funny or give it a clever twist. All these additions to the story can easily be added later. That is the big advantage of writing a novel on a computer rather than by hand or using a typewriter; the insert key comes in very useful.

I shall probably take a break from writing about the Nick and Lily story until the new year. Then I’ll concentrate on it, I won’t be going out jogging in January!

Please comment and share your ideas, do you have an idea that would make the story funnier?


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