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Thrifty Thursday shopping around

This week’s super-six at Aldi are sprouts (500g), carrots (1Kg) and parsnips (500g) all at 39p each. There are also clementines or satumas (600g), lemons(5) and Maris piper potatoes (1.5Kg) all at 69p. I had the Maris piper potatoes and they overcharged me, I was charged £1.49. I will complain this time!

I think you always have to check your bill in supermarkets, but Aldi does have a good complaints policy, but no service  desk like the bigger supermarkets. A service desk for complaints that sold gift vouchers might be a good idea.

I went to Poundland this week too, there are a few things in there that might make good Christmas presents. I think gifts bags are expensive, but I had three nice ones for a pound in Poundland. Stationary is a good stocking filler and Poundland has lots of that.

I bought the Philips air-fryer last week and I’ll write a review on that soon. It cooks those crinkle cut chips from Aldi well and they taste nice. Chips cut from the Maris piper potatoes weren’t so good, but perhaps  I need to  brush them with more oil. You can also do oven chips, I tried some Asda oven chips and they look good, nice and golden brown, but don’t taste as good as the ones from Aldi. The Aldi chips work out to about 14p a portion plus 6p in electricity to cook them in the air-fryer, that’s cheaper than a fish and chip shop… 

I think Matalan is a good place to find Christmas gifts too. Personalised gifts are popular and some websites do mugs with a photo on. You can choose a good photo and edit it with paint adding the persons name to make it really personalised. If the photo is a scene an has an expanse of sky, add the wording there. You could even add an amusing comment. Mugs with wording are expensive, but you can design your own and upload you picture to many websites such as Aldi photos who do mugs for 4.99. You can open your photo in Paint, resize it to the best size for a mug (960 x 800 pixels) then add the persons name; save it and upload it. Don’t forget  that delivery costs 1.95. It’s maybe worth it, if you take the time to make the photo really good and you’re ordering a few mugs.  If you have a printer, you can do a picture with a message, print it out and frame it in a frame from Poundland. That’s a cheap gift idea, but remember ink is expensive, if you’re doing an A4 photo.

If you’re thinking about Christmas party food and drink. Making a punch with cheap ingredients is a good idea. You can use cider and fresh fruit. Put ice into your punch bowl, add a few teaspoons of sugar and  a  few shots of brandy; lots of fruit, citrus like tangerines or oranges, a few grapes, whatever you can get cheap; add sparking cider for a quite strong punch. You can add lemonade to make it weaker. Most people will drink punch, especially if there is nothing else! Do offer them something that is non-alcoholic too.

Amazon have lots of year end deals. It’s not the best place to search for cheap presents, but if you want something special it’s worth having a look. If you’re looking for something stylish for under £20, check out the Sekonda watches. I’ve had one for years and it’s great. It needs a new strap and they have some at Aldi with the spring clip things. I really want a Velcro strap, so I’ll shop around for one of those and a new spring clip in the local shops.

Finally, they had some mugs in Morrison’s, I forget how much they were, but they’re quite cool for a present. They have the “Keep Calm and Carry On” logo on them.

That’s the lot for this week. Please comment if you’ve spotted a bargain. You can also pick up cold remedies and pills in Poundland so watch out for those.

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  1. Interested in hearing what you think of the Philips Air Fryer; Mike.

    I was looking at that and the Tefal version,but ended up going for a
    cheap & nasty 1 litre compact fryer instaed.

    14, December 2012 at 11:00 am

    • Hi Mac,

      The Tefal one took up too much work space. I went for the Philips. It cooks Aldi frozen chips good. Chips from raw potatoes aren’t quite so good, but they need to be coated in oil. Asda oven chips browned and looked good, but didn’t taste so nice.

      I changed the way I cook them. The Aldi frozen chips crinkle cut are £1 for over a kilo. I cook them 10 minutes, shake the basket, cook further 5 minutes, shake and if needed do them another 5 minutes. They are edible in 15 minutes, but not always brown enough, so might need another 5 minutes.

      Thanks for the comment. I have photos now of the chips, so can do a full review soon! 🙂

      14, December 2012 at 11:05 am

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