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We are all in this together

The recession appears to be getting worse. I was watching a programme on television last night about people who become homeless. They get evicted from their homes, because they can’t pay their mortgage or rent. Is it their own fault because they got sick, lost their job or their business failed?

We have so many bills now. Privatisation seems to have made things worse. Water companies tell us they have to put up our bills, so they can invest in new sewage systems and water pipes. That sounds reasonable, but shouldn’t you get more investment from your investors; your shareholders? They could issue new shares in the companies and get new investment that way, but that would dilute the value of existing shares. They don’t want that do they? The bosses of the water companies want it all ways. They want bonuses, free shares, super salaries, dividends on their shares and executive toilet paper with aloe vera and we pay for it all. The same applies to the other utilities, the phone company, the gas and electricity and all the essentials.

At one time council homes were basic social housing, but built to quite a high standard. Now social housing is built cheaply and is mainly flats, tiny apartments, often with pre-pay electricity meters that are expensive and sometimes they are all electric with no gas heating. How can people afford to live like that? The offices of housing associations are like little palaces and council estates are run from civic centres that are palaces. My local civic centre is miles away and yes, they do have chandeliers. Politicians always have to show off, with their coat of arms, chauffer driven Rolls Royce for the mayor and chains of office. Council estates are a maze of streets with ubiquitous speed humps and other stupidity. Some of our schools get millions spent on them and others get virtually nothing. One local school is is being closed down to be replaced by one 10 miles away. I suppose they will lay on buses  to take the kids 10 miles down the motorway each day? Actually it will be farther down the motorway, but we can’t have the buses going on a magical mystery tour over speed humps. Can we?

Can we trust any political party to change things for the better? I read this week that to get people to change, you should take away their security. To get recruits in the army to accept a new way of life, take them away from their homes and families and provide them with a new ‘family’ and a new way of thinking. They need to put away old ideas and accept new ideas. The new ideas in the case of a soldier, sailor or airman includes the need to understand that their new role in life includes taking the lives of others. Join the army see the world and kill people…

If we take people’s homes, cut their benefits, force them to comply, attend interviews and do as they are told generally. Then they will become compliant. They will, take minimum wage jobs. They will, have respect for their betters…

What do you think? Are you ready to comply? Please comment and share your ideas, assuming the brainwashing hasn’t already destroyed your ability to have original ideas… We are all in this together. Just like a new family…


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