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Black Country author gives away copies of his novel

Church misty

I am going to bring you free stuff for Christmas and today it’s a free eBook for your Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get an app for your computer to read it. The book is the Jake West – Warriors of the Heynai by Martin Webb. Martin lives in Walsall and this is the second in his fantasy trilogy. It’s a novel set in an alternative world and aimed at young adults, but anyone who likes fantasy will enjoy it.

I wrote a bit this week too, not a complete novel, but a few articles.

We are all in this together was yesterday’s finance blog. Times are hard and getting harder, but if things are tough this winter, think back to those happy times you had in the summer. Do you remember that glorious summer we had in Britain, getting out in the sunshine waving our little flags for the Jubilee. Watching the Olympic flame go past the sewage works was a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. Happy days…

Thrifty Thursday shopping around was Thursday’s money saving blog. We have to shop around these days and get try to get things cheaper. I phoned Scottish Power on Friday and the guy said he would extend my current deal. That would save me over £100 a year. Unfortunately, his computer wasn’t working and he said he would call me back in 5 minutes.  It seems a very long 5 minutes…

How to write a novel | Ideas was my usual Wednesday article about writing a novel. Everyone’s having a go at writing a novel these days. Next door’s cat has one out soon…

Neodigital Art | editing old photos was another article in the ever popular series on Neodigital art and photography. Photography is another interest gaining in popularity and you can do something artistic with your photographs.

Avoiding the Christmas blues was Monday’s psychology blog. I might have to do a follow up to that one…

Learning from history was my Sunday ramble, although it was more of a moan last week. I’ll try to do better tomorrow…

That was this week and there was another 7 or 8 articles on a zillion ideas too. There is a guest blog on there and a video! I had a busy week. I also finished my Christmas story, that I hope to do as a free eBook for you to download at Christmas. It will give you something to do while Downton Abbey is on the telly.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for letting us know about Jake’s free Kindle book. It looks like a good one! Here is the link for anyone wanting to grab it from the US Amazon store

    (I hope it’s okay to leave a link in a comment here.)



    15, December 2012 at 3:41 pm

    • Hi Carolyn
      Oops, I didn’t think of US readers. We did on Facebook. We did both sites. Thanks for that. Martin will appreciate that too.

      15, December 2012 at 3:46 pm

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